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S TANDARD OF THE D OGO A RGENTINO General Appearance: The ideal Dogo Argentino is a study in harmony. He is large, powerful, and athletic. His strong head is supported by a thick, but elegant neck that connects to a balanced body, which is sustained by straight, substantial forelegs and very muscular, medium-angulated hindquarters. The Dogo gives the impression of explosive power and energy. Developed to find, chase and catch dangerous game the Dogo must have a good nose, great lung capacity, and a powerful, yet agile, muscular build. His expression is alert and intelligent, with a marked hardness. The Dogo is instantly identifiable by his short, completely white coat. The Dogo Argentino's head gives him his unique stamp. The measurement from the brow bone to the tip of the nose is the same length as the measurement from the brow bone to the occiput. These proportions were designed to give the Dogo a sufficiently large mouth and powerful bite for holding prey. Great value is placed upon this equal lengths ratio of 1:1 and a large mouth. The general appearance and overall balance of the Dogo Argentino, with utmost consideration given to type is a first priority. Special attention is then devoted to the head; followed by individual body components for correctness, and the gait thoroughly evaluated for efficiency. Size Proportion, Substance – Size : Height and weight - Males: 24 to 26½ inches, Bitches: 24 to 25½ inches. Ideal height: Males: 25 to 25½ inches, Females: 24½ to 25 inches. Height above or below the limits established in the standard is a disqualification. Approximate Weights: Males: 88 to 100 pounds, Bitches: 88 to 95 pounds. Proportion - The measurement from the brow bone to the tip of the muzzle is the same length as the measurement from the brow bone to the occiput. The withers are slightly higher than the croup. The depth of the chest represents at least 50 percent of the height at the withers. The body is slightly off square; The length of the body (measured from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttock) may exceed the height at the withers by no more than 10 percent. Substance - Substantially-boned and muscular, with a large and powerful head. Females are slightly smaller than males and look feminine, but without weakening substance or structure. Lack of bone and muscle development is to be severely penalized. Head: Head - Powerful and balanced. The ratio of cranial length is equal to cranial width. The length from the brow bone to the tip of the nose is the same length as the distance from the brow bone to the occiput. Skull - Solid and convex, both length and widthwise, due to the relief created by the insertion of the powerful biting and nape muscles. The occiput is covered by the nape. The cheeks and masseter muscles are large, well defined, and covered with tight skin. The stop is slightly defined, as a transition from the convex skull to the slightly concave foreface. When viewed in profile, the stop appears more defined due to the prominence of the supraorbital ridges (brow). Expression - Alert and intelligent, with a marked hardness. Eyes - Medium size, almond shaped, dark or hazelnut in color, protected by thick eyelids with black or flesh-colored rims (black preferred). Sub-frontal position, set wide apart. Blue eye(s) or any blue in the eyes is a disqualification. Ears - Set at the highest points of the sides of the skull. Customarily, the ears are cropped, erect or semi-erect, and triangular in shape. Length does not exceed 50 percent of the front edge of the auricle of the ear. Without being cropped, they are of medium length, broad, thick, flat and rounded at the tip. Covered with smooth hair which is slightly shorter than on the rest of the body; they can have small dark spots, not to be penalized. In uncropped position they hang down covering the back of the cheeks. When the dog is alert they may be carried semi-erect. Muzzle and Nose - The muzzle is strong, a bit longer than deep, well developed in width, with the sides slightly converging. The top of the muzzle is slightly concave when viewed in profile. The nose is completely black and has large nostrils. Noses that are only partially pigmented in adult specimens are to be severely penalized. Noses other than black are a disqualification. Bite and Jaw Structure - The jaw

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