Showsight Presents the Dogo Argentino

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Gait: Agile and firm with noticeable modification when showing interest in something, changing into an attitude of alertness and responding with quick reflexes. Viewed from the side, proper front and rear angulation is manifested in a smoothly efficient, level-backed, ground covering stride with a powerful drive emanating from the rear. Viewed from the front or rear, the legs are parallel but converge towards the centerline as speed increases. The Dogo’s gait shoul d always appear harmonious and balanced, showcasing his solid and sound body construction. Character & Temperament: The Dogo is a strong, tenacious and rustic dog that was created to protect family and property, as well as to hunt large game and destructive predators. He is a faithful companion at home and in the field. Of all of the Dogo’s attributes, he is above all else, courageous.

Disqualifications Height above or below the limits established in the standard. Blue eye(s). Any blue color in the eye(s).

Nose any color other than black. Overshot or undershot mouth. Top lip extending below the bottom jaw. Long hair. More than one spot on the head (with the exception of small spots on the ears). A black spot anywhere other than on the head.

Approved November 12, 2018 Effective January 1, 2019

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