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The Entlebucher’s size, intelligence, agility, and strong work ethic also makes them excellent partners in a wide variety of mod- ern athletic canine activities. The Entlebucher has retained many of the herding and livestock guarding traits, making them more intense and driven to control movement than their generally more easy-going Swiss cousins. The persistence and determination in the Entlebucher can come across as demanding. Because most of us don’t have any cattle hanging around, the Entlebucher will demand to be involved in all aspects of your life. They possess a contagious enthusiasm, energy, and zest for life, with an above average need for physical and mental exercise to be content, well-adjusted family members. Entlebuchers are strongly devoted to their family and develop a deep bond with their chosen person, making them a great compan- ion dog. As a cattle drover and livestock guardian, the Entlebucher has a heightened awareness about every movement and change in their environment. This keen awareness makes this breed a phe- nomenal watchdog. Because of the guardian traits, Entlebuchers require mindful socialization. Entlebuchers enjoy opportunities to actively use their bodies and their minds. During play, Entles wrestle, utilize their paws, and body slam—all often rather loudly. Their strength and “voice” is somewhat bigger than you might expect for their size. Many people who do not know or understand the breed may mistake this for aggression, but most of the time it is simply rough, vocal play.

They may not show their full personality in the show ring, as they tend to be quite serious and stoic when working. Most Entles do not appreciate being hovered over. Since they are not interested in becoming best friends with most strangers, it takes time and patience to condition an Entlebucher to tolerate han- dling by strangers. It is okay for them to be reserved with strang- ers; however, a dog showing aggression or extreme shyness is one lacking confidence. On the flip side, the Entlebucher will often come up with silly, clever, and playful antics to get their humans to laugh and play along with them. As a mountain dog, they also love to climb up on things, to become more elevated to get a better commanding view of their environment. Physically, their proportions are longer than they are tall. The lower center of gravity and agile nature of an 8 to 10 ratio is unique in the dog world. They are compactly built to give them just the right amount of balance between agility and power. In other words, just the right amount of substance for their size, to give them balance as it relates to this breed’s function as a cattle drover and general all-purpose farm dog.


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