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Type, balance, soundness, and temperament are always a higher priority over size, color, and markings. Size is a combination of height and substance. Substance, as it relates to bone, is ideally in balance with the height of the dog. Lack of genetic diversity is a major issue. Therefore, consistency in type has not been the main focus for the breed due to such a limited gene pool. Instead, various styles of Entlebuchers are a contributing value to the breed as a whole. Encouraging breeding decisions that are in the best interests of the health, temperament, function, and longevity of the breed are first and foremost. To assist breeders in achieving their goals, the National Entlebu- cher Mountain Dog Association (NEMDA) supports various pro- grams for the health and well-being of the breed. NEMDA, as the AKC parent club, encourages Entlebucher breeders to stay current on all OFA CHIC requirements for the breed. One resource is the NEM- DA Pedigree Database where more detailed and comprehensive infor- mation about the Entlebucher can be found; everything from health information to physical and character traits, and photos, as well as the opportunity to do trial-matings and discover the coefficient of inbreeding for each dog: http://www.entlebucherdatabase.nemda.org/. In addition to webinar and educational workshops, NEMDA annually offers its members and breeders, as well as companion dog owners, the Comprehensive Entlebucher Breed Assessment (CEBA). CEBA is an educational resource which profiles the conformity of an Entlebucher (18 months or older) to the AKC breed standard. Offered in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere, CEBA brings own- ers and judges together in a hands-on experience to increase each owner’s knowledge and understanding of their own Entle’s predict- able qualities among the range in the breed’s characteristics. The temperament evaluation provides a physical and written assessment of each dog’s inherent abilities regarding sociability, play, hunt, nerve strength, and defensive drives. The conformation evaluation provides a physical and written assessment, including 51 breed characteristics based on structure and movement. CEBA is a facsimile of the Swiss Ankörung, which, in contrast, is a mandatory requirement for Swiss Entlebucher breeding stock. To learn more about CEBA, information can be found on the NEMDA website: https://www.nemda.org/CEBA . The Entlebucher is a complementary member of the Swiss Moun- tain Dog family, with its own distinct, captivating, charming, engag- ing, and totally lovable traits and quirks that have earned the breed a loyal following of Entle enthusiasts. If you are fascinated by this breed and want to learn more about the Entlebucher, contact us at: breeding@nemda.org . ABOUT THE AUTHORS Joyce MacKay, Jen Shaul, and LeeLee Stefanki have each been in Entlebuchers for over 20 years. Each has owned both males and females for breeding, imported Entlebuchers from Europe, bred and raised litters, and competed in a multitude of sports and activities with their dogs; everything from Agility, Scent Work, Obedience, and Herding to Tracking, Therapy, Canine Freestyle, and Conformation. They are breed mentors and educators, and serve in a number of ways through NEMDA to support Entlebuchers and their owners.


Joyce MacKay

Jen Shaul

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