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WB, BW, BBe and Best in sweepstakes, majestic she’s Got What “It” Is, bred and owned by Kay and Doug Belter, handled again by Kay. (photo by Arthur p. stewart)

Best of Breed winner, Gch Golden Gait’s Dance to the Groove, Zumba, bred, owned and handled by Debbie owczarzak. (photos by Arthur p. stewart)

(photo by linda Green)

Barb judging and carol colins our sweeps judge. (photos by Betty Ganung)

loin, bone, rock hard topline... cocker essentials. WB and BW to a beautiful black bitch of quality. Compact, good quarters on both ends... sweet head and eye... wouldn’t change anything on her. BB to another black bitch which stood out for her overall quality. Feminine with big ribs and in lovely condition. Th e fl ow of her parts made for a lovely one piece cocker. BOS to a handsome blue roan and tan dog. Again, well balanced with good substance and muscle, he’s moderate throughout with big quarters and much to o ff er the breed. “ Th ese were hard decisions to be sure as there were several others who warranted making cuts, which I would have been pleased to own and show. Attention still needs to be paid to overlong ribbing and lack of spring of rib so basic for a cocker. Also many lacking in width of thigh mus- cle, for cockers are overall chunky round- ed spaniels, not exaggerated decals. Our breed is in good hands to be sure, as most breeders are working towards this.” Debbie Owczarzak, the breeder/owner/ handler of the Best in Specialty Show win- ner, GCH Golden Gait’s Dance to the Groove had this to say about winning: “As a breeder, when deciding which puppy to keep from a litter, I always ask myself ‘does this puppy have potential

to be competitive at Specialties under Breeder Judges?’. If I believe it does, that is the puppy I keep. Th is is the most important thing to me...to be respected by my peers...that is, Breeders. Win- ning the 2012 ECSCA National Spe- cialty with my red bitch ‘Hope’ under respected Breeder Judge Virginia Lyne (Ranzfel ECS) felt like an accomplish- ment and honor of a lifetime! And now to win the 2015 National Specialty with my black bitch Zumba under another very respected Breeder Judge Barbara Heckerman (Wyncrest ECS) is well, just beyond words... only tears of joy and gratefulness remain.” Kay Belter, the breeder/owner/handler of the Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Bred By and Puppy Sweepstakes winning Majestic She’s Got Whatever “It” Is, shared what this special week was like for her: “ Th e members who put on the national did a wonderful job. Th e show venue was extremely exhibitor friendly. Th ey did not miss a detail from hospitality down to the lovely trophies. Portland is a pleasure to visit with many outlying areas to visit being ‘dog friendly.’ “For myself personally it was a true honor to have our young bitch recognized by respected long time breeders, Barbara

our president and our Kate

the high in trial winner. (photo by linda Green)

Heckerman and Carol Collins. It is a rare occasion to win both Best in Sweepstakes and Winners bitch/Best of winners/best bred by exhibitor. As breeders/owners/ handlers, Doug and I are extremely grate- ful for these awards. And of course ‘Pink’ enjoyed every minute in the show ring and her visit to the coast after the show was completed!”


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