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France, Calisa Little Red Waggin’, after placing in a PCA Puppy Class under Frank Fretwell. Calisa was home to the Australian Ch. Calisa Seeing Red At Sharonde who went Reserve BIS weeks after emerg- ing from quarantine. We have been extremely fortunate to have had strong support from many wonderful dog people throughout the years, including terrific pet owners and top professionals. We feel that exaggeration can be a problem in many—if not most—breeds of dogs, cats, and horses. Not only can over-emphasis on one feature affect performance, it definitely affects the pet own- er’s perception of a particular breed of animal, and could be a contributing factor to the preponderance of “designer dogs.” We feel that in Poodles, coat has improved immensely overall and great temperament is still the norm. Online, Poodles are accurately portrayed as intelligent and non-shedding, and inaccurately as yappy and coat care-free. We consider “nonsense barking,” as we refer to it, to be a trait from which to breed away. Since our puppies always would be rummaging about in the office when Joe might be on a conference call (in a definitely un-doggy busi- ness), unnecessary barking was a big no-no! We have had puppy owners call us after a week or more, asking if their Poodle will bark! (After they feel that they “own” you and are part of your team, they will bark—to alert and “squirrel!”) And Poodles do require regular hair care. A single night under the covers or curled in a furry bed can result in “bed head.” We have always felt that the only thing more fun, rewarding, and loving than a good Poodle is one that is also beautiful. WE HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY FORTUNATE TO HAVE HAD STRONG SUPPORT FROM MANY WONDERFUL DOG PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE YEARS, INCLUDING TERRIFIC PET OWNERS AND TOP PROFESSIONALS.

Calisa Red Puppy

Angelina at 19

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