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5 What about the breed is most misunderstood by the general public? The reason for the traditional, stylized clip. 6. What advice would you give a newcomer? Get advice from top breeders. Read as much as possible. Follow the standard rigorously. 7. Has the breed improved from when you started judging? The Poodle has certainly improved over the years. The Stan- dard Poodle conforms well, but still great effort is required for many fronts, as in the smaller Poodles. Toy Poodles have improved greatly over the last 50 years or so when N. America had the height limit down 1" from the UK limit of 11". Correct proportions were lost to get the toys within 10". I am happy to say they became more diminutive and breeders worked very hard and we now have very beautiful toys within this size with desired structure. 8. While judging, do you see any trends you’d like to see continued? Camaraderie amongst exhibitors is enjoyable to see. Everyone should work hard for harmony amongst breeders for the com- mon good. There is much to learn from each other. “CAMARADERIE AMONGST EXHIBITORS IS ENJOYABLE TO SEE. EVERYONE SHOULD WORK HARD FOR HARMONY... THERE IS MUCH TO LEARN FROM EACH OTHER.”


Jacqueline has been judging for 25 years, 23 years licensed, and judges all breeds. She is a Life Member of the Canadian Kennel Club, a member and for- mer Treasurer of the Canadian Dog Judges Association, a past President of the Hochelaga Ken- nel Club and Mount Royal Toy Dog Fanciers and past Confor- mation Director of the Ottawa Valley Poodle Club. She is also a member of the American Dog Judges’ Institute. She is a former breeder of all varieties of Poodles. In earlier years she also participated in Obedience Tri-

als as well as Conformation Shows. Her travels now take her for judging in Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand and the US. 1. Where do you live? South Shore of Montreal, Quebec; Canada. 2. Number of years owning and/or showing Poodles? Poodles since 1959; judging since 1990; licensed in 1992. 3. Describe the Poodle in three words: Intelligent, beautiful, pliant. 4. What about the breed makes it a great show dog? Poodles enjoy company and love to show.


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