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gourds decorated. Turkeys, Santa, Snowmen, Easter Bunnies. Just fun Stuff! Gardening, traveling visiting new places with friends. Cooking. I really love living everyday with my Toy Poodles and life! Purchased my first Brown Miniature Poodle in 1969, bred my first litter in 1972, went to my first Puppy Match in Clarks- ville Tennessee in July of 1972, my first point show in fall of 1972 my brown puppy dog was Reserve Winners Dog. Here I am all these 45 years later with breeding and showing and judging. Life is good! I have shown all these years as a Breeder Owner Han- dler with a partner, A. Monroe McIntyre in Miniatures with a record of 77 Champions in Black, Brown with the Kennel names of Apogee Daktari Poodles. This partnership was from 1975 through the 1990s. Always working on A Toy Poodle line. I applied to judge my one breed, Poodles, in 1997. IT was a one for one and two for two process to accomplish the Toy Group. Was elected to Judge The Poodle Club of America National, the Miniature Variety in 2000, and again elected to judge the Toy Variety in 2003. Still breeding and showing Toy Poodles in a co-ownership with Ianthe Bloomquist of Baliwick in Black and Browns. Show in the Bred By Exhibitor or Puppy Classes within my 500 mile driving area. Do not Special a Special. I love the whelping box! I have attended Judges Education Institute in Toy, Non Sporting, Terrier, Working, Herding and Hounds. These are two years each to accomplish these groups. Approved to Judge Toy, Terrier and The Non Sporting Groups along with Best In Show. DORIS

I live in a suburb of Seattle Washington, home of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Boeing and the Seahawks. Outside of the dog world, I am a Land Developer. My company Lakeridge Develop- ment and Classic Concepts devel- op single-family neighborhoods from the raw ground to the completed homes. I have had a dog all my life. I first started showing dogs in 1968 as a junior handler. I found my first show dog, a silver Minia-

ture, in a snow bank in Alaska. I joined 4-h and started train- ing my dog in obedience. It was not long until the local breed- ers discovered me and gave me a registered Poodle. I was a junior handler in 4-H and my daughter was a junior handler. Junior handlers are my passion. I’ve been showing since 1968 and judging since 2013. Debra Ferguson Jones became involved in showing dogs as a junior handler. She bred the Poodle Club of America Best in Show winner in 2010 and 2018. She has owned many Best in Show winning dogs, most notable of which was GCHP Brighton Lakeridge Encore winner of over 115 all breed best in shows and Reserve Best In Show at Westminster. In addi- tion to being a long time Standard Poodle breeder, Debra has bred Bedlington Terriers, Collies, Doberman Pinschers and Pomeranians. NANCY

COZART I live in Denton, Texas—a col- lege town north of Fort Worth. I am active in our church and belong to several woman’s clubs supporting education. Also a great wine club! I’ve been in the dog world for many years, hav- ing dogs since I was a young girl. I’ve been showing for about 20 years and judging for 25 years.

HAFNER I live in Northwest Alabama, Tuscumbia , the birth place of Helen Keller. Outside of dogs, I paint in three mediums of Oil, Watercolor and Acrylic. My last project was painting on


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