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I live in Micanopy, Flor- ida. I got my first Poodle to show about 31 years ago and have never been with- out Poodles since. I have bred many titleholders under the Kaylen’s name. I have actually been show- ing dogs for about 52 years now. I grew up in the sport of dogs. I traveled to dog shows with my parents, Dick and Ida Baum and my three sisters, Nancy, Jill

I live in Maryville, Missouri and am a retired college pro- fessor of history. I got my first Standard Poodle in 1958. I fin- ished my first conformation dog in 1970 and am still showing. I have also been judging since 1954 and am still breeding; I love those puppies. BRAD ODAGIRI I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and have lived here all my life. My family is very precious and I spend as much time as I can together. I have been married to my beautiful wife Arlene for over forty years and we still have our daily dinner dates together. I recently retired from my professional career in education after 43 years. I started out as an elementary teacher and later a school administrator/principal. My high maintenance breed was a relaxing daily therapy for me after a long and stressful day on the job. I am also very involved with our local dog show clubs. I am the President of our Poodle Club of Hawaii and we will be celebrating our 105th specialty show in May 2018. I am the Vice-President of the Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers Club. I am also a member of our Non-Sporting Dog Club and all the all-breed clubs on Oahu: Hawaiian Ken- nel Club, Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Club and West Oahu Kennel Club. I was deprived growing up without a dog. After we got married, we were offered a “rescued” AKC Silky Terrier and were told to show her. That was in 1976 and that would make it 41 years in dogs. It has been 41 continuous years of showing since our first our first entry in 1976. From that very beginning, we have shown at every show in Hawaii, including all the neighboring island shows. The only time we missed a show is when it conflicted with the Poodle Club of America National Specialties that I have attended annually for over 25 years. I had always wanted to judge. However, with a family, professional and demanding career and show- ing Poodles, I could not add more. When I was contemplating my career retirement, I submitted my AKC judging applica- tion. I was approved for Poodles in 2012. Currently, I have all the Toy breeds and the Toy Group. I have the majority of the Non-Sporting breeds and now work on the Herding breeds. I got my first Toy Poodle in 1979. To improve the qual- ity of my Poodles, I have selectively imported top-bloodlines for my breeding program. I have never stopped breeding and showing what I have. Currently, I have AKC finished over 70 Poodles and all owner-handled-groomed.

and Lynn. My first juniors dog was a Doberman but I have shown many breeds over the years. I still have Poodles but have also done quite well with my Chinese Cresteds in recent years. As far as anything outside of dogs, most everything I do involves dogs to some extent but I would say travel is the one thing I do most outside of actual dog shows. JACQUELINE RUSBY I live in South Shore of

Montreal, Quebec, Cana- da. I’ve been in Poodles since 1959, judging since 1990 and was licensed in 1992. I have been judg- ing for 25 years, 23 years licensed and judge all breeds. I am a Life Mem- ber of the Canadian Ken- nel Club, a member and former Treasurer of the Canadian Dog Judges Association, a past Presi-

dent of the Hochelaga Kennel Club and Mount Royal Toy Dog Fanciers and past Conformation Director of the Ottawa Valley Poodle Club. I am also a member of the American Dog Judges’ Institute. I am a former breeder of all varieties of Poodles. In earlier years, I also participated in Obedience Trials as well as Conformation Shows. My travels now take me for judging in Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand and the US.


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