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enhanced because it is both warm and it sheds water (what an asset for a job that requires you get wet). Unfortunately, for the most part you are not going to feel a lot of the best texture when you judge our breed. Th is is not because it no longer exists but simply a reflection of our time. Most of the dogs in your ring will be immature specimens. In the past when Poodle entries were much larger it was easy for judges to get the sense of good Poodle coat texture. Many exhibits were in the two and a half to four year range. Today mature exhibits are relegated to the spe- cials class with the median age remaining being under two. Find out what it should feel like but don’t expect it to be prevalent.

Now to conclude the looking glass sec- tion… Dun… Dun… Dun... Hair Spray. Come on down to Glam-O-Rama, or as I like to call it your local dog show. Dog Shows are exotic, glamorous, and exciting… that is part of the allure; exhibitors, judges, and every- one who participates help to perpetuate this modern version of the dog show. Th e evolu- tion of our trims incorporated and increased the use of hair spray (and other products) in the arsenal of tools to enhance, but we are hardly the only breed and in many instance not the worst o ff ender. We are however the most obvious… really… we stand ten inches of hair on end. My advice in judging this phenomenon… well let’s say you live in a part of the world where people prefer their

hair purple and standing on end. If it o ff ends you the problem is you have to get used to it or relocate, but if you point and scream each time you see it, they will relocate you. Can it be taken a bit too far… certainly, and you may act appropriately in those situations. Do however spend the time to define where the line is and what crossing it looks like. In conclusion… do your homework. Be reasonable. Be pleasant to exhibitors and Poodles alike. Be yourself… do not try to remake yourself to judge Poodles. It is impor- tant to bring your own personal experience and knowledge into the equation. Judge with clarity and conviction, be consistent, and above all be true to the basic tenet of judging as you do e ff ect the direction of the breed.


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