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F irst I feel you must look at the whole picture: this is a silhouette breed in three vatieties. Toy Poodles 10 inches, Miniatuare Poodles over 10 inches to include 15 inches, and Stan- dard Poodles are over 15 inches: an active, intelligent, squarely built, prop- erly groomed, elegant appearing, mov- ing soundly, carrying himself proudly, air of distinction “Poodley”, well-pro- portioned with proper boning for each of the three varieties. When they carry themselves around the ring effortlessly. I can tell you they are constructed cor- rectly! You then have to look and exam- ine the fine points to judge the whole Poodle picture. Then the class enters your ring.With observing them go around your ring. You might pick one or two that you think is the best, however until you get them on the examination table will you be able to see if the one that you thought was the best is still the best in the class. We can trim them to look per- fect. And this might all be the hair and trim. We can trim them to be square, with a great set back on the front and give them angles in the rear to match the front. What ring side sees may or may not be what is under the coat and the trim and where you will place them in this class. IN THE POODLE’S VALUE OF POINTS: IN THE VALUE OF 100 POINTS General appearance, temperament, car- riage and condition value of 30 points This is the whole picture: square- ly built, moving soundly, properly groomed. They must carry them- selves proudly! Head up—Tail up (or no ribbon!)

Head, expression, ears, eyes and teeth value of 20 points We are looking for in head is a mod- erately rounded, slight stop, flat cheek- bones with length from occiput to stop about the same as length of muzzle. Muzzle long, straight with slight chis- eling under the eyes. The ears are set on at or slightly below the eye with a long wide ear leathers handing close to the head with feathering. Eyes are very dark, oval and set far enough apart to give an alert intelligent expression. Teeth are strong white with a scissors bite. Body, neck, legs, feet and tail value of 20 points Chest deep moderate width with well sprung ribs, topline level, loin is short, forequarters strong smoothly muscled shoulder blade is well laid back with the hindquarters balanced with the forequarters. The forelegs are straight with the elbow set directly below the point of the shoulder. Hind legs are muscular with width in the region of the stifles that are well bent equal length of femur and tibia. Hock to heel short and perpendicular to the ground. When free standing the rear toes are only just behind the point of the rump. The neck is well propor- tioned, strong and long enough to car- ry the head proudly with it set well in to the muscled shoulder. The feet are small and oval and well arched toes with a thick cushioned thick pads nails to be short. The standard states that “entire foot is to be shaven and visible” tail is set on high straight and carried up. Docked to balance the outline of the whole picture of our Poodle. Gait value of 20 points A straight-forward trot, light springy action strong hindquarters drive.

Head and tail carried up. Sound effort- less movement is essential! So this is not the hackney movement, its not with the hindquarters under itself or placed behind the tail set, that has no drive off the rear. Its a trot in a light springy action that is correct!

Coat, color and texture is 10 points

Coat is curly (we bathe and blow it dry and this straightens it.) Naturally harsh texture dense throughout. Trims Puppy—six months to the first birth- day. On this first day of the birthday. It must be in one of the adult trims. If not this is a DQ! This is why you must ask your steward date of birth on the pup- py being entered any other class than puppy. Even in the BOV class, Group or Best In Show! The puppy trim is to be carefully trim to give a neat appearance with the coat long as to the age of the dog in hair growth stage. This puppy trim has no broken line or lines. The face, feet, neck and base of tail is to be shaved. The entire foot is to be visible! Carries a pompom on the tail. The english saddle trim is one of the great trims that not everyone can set and not every Poodle can carry. The Poodle must be balanced and up on leg to wear this trim. In order to wear this trim the Poodle must have a good driv- ing rear to wear it! This trim must have a shaved kid- ney patch , shaved bands to divide the hind legs, the hindquarters are covered with a shorter blanket of hair and can be tightly curly blanket or hair dryed straight to make and shape of the pack. It can be sprayed with water and patted to make darker and tighter curls. This is what the handler can do to make it the most outstanding trim! If you are


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