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BY HARRY BENNETT, AFGHAN HOUND CLUB OF AMERICA JUDGES EDUCATION COORDINATOR A great Afghan Hound will quickly, yet gradually, fill the voyeur with awe, humbleness and respect because of its unrivaled beauty, its strength, the intrinsic pride and certain vulnerability. The judge should first look at the dog as one would look at a paint- ing. The Afghan Hound should convey a dignified and distant demeanor. This is a breed like no other. The judge should see a dog framed in a square build, of great elegance, strength and balance. On this initial view of the dog, the judge should easily identify certain distinctive breed characteristics apparent at this time; exotic expres- sion, the crowning glory of a silky topknot, peculiar coat patterning, very prominent hipbones and a first impression of an almost over-angulated rear assembly; an illu- sion created by the draping of coat. The last named distinguishing characteristic is the unusually large foot of the Afghan Hound which sometimes may be visually hinted at by the hair covering it, but certainly will be found during the manual examination. A proper and knowledgeable assessment of the Afghan Hound must include a man- ual examination as with any breed of dog covered in hair. Before we get to this, it needs to be clear that, like most rulers, the Afghan Hound has a lot of rules. The Afghan Hound has been getting its way for over 4,000 years and so there are some aspects to work around to make this a good experience for everyone involved. I cannot tell you not to smoke, but if you do, understand that the Afghan Hound has a keen and inherent sense of “Burning Bushes”. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The Afghan Hound knows he is highly flammable. It is recommended that you wash your hands prior to judging the breed to remove any trace of smoke. Please also wash your hands after having judged a breed which produces excessive saliva or the Afghan Hound will quickly show offense to that. The use of heavy perfume or cologne may send an Afghan Hound spinning. Wearing a hat may cause an interruption in the Afghan Hound’s acceptance of your approach. It is understandable that weather may govern what the judge wears, but please know that the more you look like an alien being from outer space and the less identifiable you are as a human, the more contrary the Afghan Hound will be. It is also recommended that there is no talking by the judge when going over a dog. The Afghan Hound isn’t interested in being your friend. In fact, oral familiarity may often bring a certain suspicion and adverse reaction from the dog. There is more on this subject but that is a separate article in itself.


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