Showsight Presents the Treeing Walker Coonhound

qualified for the World Show. It does not say that you should go to the World Show.” David, who had judged the show, would chuckle to himself. I must have had a quiz- zical look on my face because Max would go on and explain to me that while my dog was pretty and had won that day, she was not mature enough, nor the caliber of dog that could win at the World Show. Many would have been angry at these comments, and I would bet that had Facebook been around, these comments would have been shared with the world as well as the all too common statement, “ Th at judge is on my DNS list.” Max would also ask me if I had ever been to the World Show and suggest- ed that I do so as a means of learning more about the show side of the sport as well as the dogs. Th is advice has always stayed with me and makes more sense to me with every weekend trip. I would follow that advice and began attending the shows at all the major Treeing Walker events. It was eye-opening in many ways and it would allow me to me new people and to lay a foundation of knowledge for my future breeding plans. Th e Treeing Walker is first and foremost of performance breed. From its foundation in the Kentucky foxhounds forward it has been bred for speed and endurance. As a raccoon treeing hound, it is challenged by no other breed in excellence. When judging I observe these hounds from the moment they enter the show ring until my mind is made up. As they enter the ring I look for an athlete. We use the term athlete all too often when describing hounds but in the case of the Treeing Walker it is most appropriate. Th e Treeing Walker is a tight made hound, just o ff square, well muscled with the look of speed. Not the racy look of the Whippet but with a look that says I cover large amounts of ground quickly. We have a saying when describing the Treeing Walker, it is a go yonder, get deep and get treed type of coonhound. When evaluat- ing the breed picture this in your mind. It is dark. You are standing in the edge of a freshly harvested cornfield and the tree line is 200 yds away. You point your Tree- ing Walker towards the woods and unleash it. It leaves in a dead sprint. In a few sec- onds it is to the tree line. It opens soon on



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