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AKC standards of judging. Contrary to what most folks know about the breed or the 305 FCI breeds known throughout the rest of the World Wide dog fancy, the Neapolitan Masti ff has graced the Best in Show ring now three times in the past 20 years and has earned this coveted award of BIS at the World Show level. Here in America we have been fortu- nate to have a beautiful specimen that has captured two All Breed Best in Shows and the opportunity exists again, now that more judges are becoming more familiar with the “correct” movement of the breed. Th e movement and gaits of the Nea- politan Masti ff are unique to himself and, while he may not be the fl ashiest of mov- ers in the ring, he is certainly not a “crip- ple” as many would like to think. I hear time and time again… “I never knew they could move so well”…When you stop to think about it for a breed of dog that was fought in the Colosseum of Rome against man and beast, he had better be able to spring into action and protect himself, and move with a high degree of athleti- cism, or else he would have su ff ered a quick demise. Th e correct movement of the Neapolitan is that of great strength and power, his strides are long and elastic with ample reach and drive. Rolling and lumbering is characterized by the loose skin that rolls from side to side. His topline should remain steady and when

covering the ground he will remind you of a lion in motion when he is fully engaged. Pacing is acceptable and not to be penal- ized. However, it is not the preferred gait and when at all possible this is a trotting breed that can easily get around the ring. I like to start my class by walking them around to loosen up their joints and to relax them. Th ere have been several judges that feel the necessity to ask the exhibitor to pace, and trot the dog. Th is is not necessary we want to see them trotting at all times. If they begin to pace due to heat, nerves, or lack of training, please be forgiving and o ff er the exhibitor another trip around your ring. It will not hurt anyone to see the cor- rect movement and when you do, that Lion- like motion comes to life!! Th e Neapolitan Masti ff is an ancient breed dating back some 40 centuries in his- tory, and one should approach the breed with a great deal of respect for its history, resilience, fortitude, and perseverance; the Neapolitan Masti ff has been to Wars, has been starved and has survived near extinc- tion in his evolution to the present day! Get to know him you won’t be sorry!!

The Neapolitan at play again demonstrates his lion like movement and character! A real king of the working group!!

40 years. His first introduction to the breed came in 1985 when searching for a guardian to watch over his already established kennel of GSP. Over the past 20 years his dogs have won National Specialties, Best of Breed at the World Show, Breed, BOS, and Awards of Merit at Westminster on numerous occa- sions. Most recently his Veteran Male set breed history by being selected as the 2012 National Specialty BOB winner from the Veteran Class. Th is was a monumental an honor since it has never happened in any venue of this type worldwide. He has owned and campaigned multiple Group Winning and multiple top five ranked Neos over the past 9 years since the Neo’s inception into the AKC. His dogs hold the honors of the top producing sires and dam of the USNMC parent club. He is an approved AKC judge for a multitude of breeds including the Neapolitan Masti ff breed. He has o ffi ciated at shows both here and abroad in Europe and frequently speaks on behalf of the USNMC lecturing for judging groups working as the current JEC.

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been a breeder/ exhibitor in the sport of purebred dogs for the past

The strides are long and elastic, at the same time, powerful, characterized by a long push from the hindquarters and extension of the forelegs. Rolling motion and swaying of the body at all gaits is characteristic.

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