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By Joey Attaway, Karen Attaway & Nick Swindall


he Neapolitan Masti ff is a very confusing breed for many who do not own one. Th e purpose of this article is to docu- ment some of what a

true fancier of the breed and owner feels towards their Mastini. I would like to start fi rst with a owner quote that is of my sister Karen. “For those who own this mag- ni fi cent breed they understand what you put in them is what you get. Th ey com- mand respect and love. To own a dog like this takes dedication beyond many other working breeds. To love a Mastino is one thing but to be loved by one is a whole new world. Th e love and loyalty is unmatchable in the dog world. Th e emotions you share with your Mastino is very close to a child and parent. Th e love you give is returned to you 5 fold. Th ey will run through a fi re for you and never back down to protect you and your family. Once one has touched your heart you will be forever changed and you will never again want to without at least one.” Th e Mastino is intelligent. He is sensi- tive to his owner. He needs to be close to his master as much as possible. He is a very stubborn animal who typically hates to be

shown in a ring. Feeding and cleaning even the cleanest specimen is not for the faint of heart. Drool is to be seen ad nausem. Expect to get dirty. His coat is short but he blows his coat and cleanup especially in the drain after a bath is time consuming. If you are a small person expect him to be bigger than you are. Understand that he is not a show pony. He was never intended to be as such. He should not move like a dog but more like a big cat. He needs lots of socialization and please take him through obedience but do not typically expect him to like it all that much. Yes, he is not for a fi rst time dog owner nor is he the fi rst large or giant breed dog you should have owned. He also does not like the heat all too much but thrives in cold. Your love is his most precious possession and he will never tire of it nor does he take it lightly. He is beau- tiful and reminds one of a beast. He is not a dog he is Mastino. He is not for every- one but the diehard lovers of this breed not only understand that, but embrace it. I have been in love with this Italian dog over 10 years now and they never stop

amazing me. Th ere is a standard that is very detailed. However the nature of this breed allows for many fl avors and line types. We have a very detailed head description in our breed standards but it does not a ff ect the painters brush for a great mas- tino is truly a work of art and beauty. For many looking from the outside it is hard to explain one singular thing that makes a good mastino and what makes a great one. It is hard mainly due to the variance in tastes and type. If you love this breed you know when you see a great specimen. To own one borders on an unhealthy obses- sion with its majesty and undying love for you. Th en there is the legend. Th is rich his- tory of interesting and amazing dogs like Caligola Di Ponzano and Carnera Della Grotta Azzura. Th e breeders of old and its traditions are also fascinating. Th ere are both hard truths and elaborate romantic fantasies that a Mastino person can delve into. It moves beyond the dogs into a beau- tiful and amazing culture. How and why this breed was resurrected from extinction

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