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want a Mastino that would make the leg- ends say, “Now that is a dog”. People who do breed today that are doing it for their own personal sel fi sh non monetary reasons want a long lived healthy dog that can pro- tect but all the same be fully mastino in all ways. He should be able to see and not trip over his dewlap. He should be massive but not fat. His entire being should make him fully capable of protecting his owner with- out fault or struggle. A dog of immense strength and power. His mere presence can be felt even when you are not looking at him. His gaze a little frightening at times and warm in other situations. A dog that is a Lion! A King! Th at is a Mastino! Accept no substitutes. In closing I challenge all who love this breed especially myself to move it into the future by both understanding our tri- umphs and mistakes. Remain true to what he is and put the breed fi rst. Like many other dog breeds the Mastino has groups of people who do not like to intermingle with one another. I challenge a debate and further enjoyment of our breed. We need to have honest open discussion about how we can make the Mastino the dog not in legend but the reality of it. If you want to own this breed you must not cut corners. If you cannot provide the love, time and care for him then do not buy or attempt to breed him. Th en again he is worth every penny. Every 50 pound bag of dog food and every chewed cushion. So remember the Mastino community invites you to join the group with open arms but in the end your personal relationship with your dog is what matters. Th at goes from the larg- est breeder to the pet owner. Yes they are very cool dogs. But so so much more than wrinkles and size.

by Scanziani and his friends. How it has evolved from a Cane Corso type dog to freaks back to a balanced dog. Th ere are even interesting and rich stories of how this breed of ancient blood migrated to the world dog of today. If you love to meet interesting people with so many stories/ Do you love art?/How about genetics or lions?/ Th e Mastino and what is all Mas- tino is the place to be. Here is the catch. Th is is being hon- est about the breed that I love. Over the years especially right after when “Fang”

appeared on the big stage the Mastino has gained in popularity. Th is interest increased demand and thus breeding. Unscrupulous breeding practices hurt the skin, eyes and overall ancient expression of the Mastino. When breeding to meet demand the market commands certain things. Unknowing puppy buyers want to see pups with too many wrinkles too fast. Th at is what sells so production of such a dog increased. Honestly I believe some fell into the trap without looking for the big- ger picture. It still goes on today. I for one

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