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is a novice, and the entry is not aggres- sive or overly shy, please take a moment PSUXPUPHVJEFBOENFOUPS"TXFBSFOPU a popular or populous breed, we find we SFDSVJUNBOZmSTUUJNFEPHTIPXGPMLT" gentle word and a good experience will bode well for our sport. If you truly have an aggressive or overly shy entry that you cannot examine – you MUST excuse the entry. Th e excusal of extreme improper temperament is something that must be done. Most handlers will be hurt and embarrassed by the excusal. If you can, please o ff er a kind word. Canaan Dogs, especially young ones, BSFWFSZJNQSFTTJPOBCMFBOEOFWFSGPSHFU" positive ring experience will leave a lasting impression – such is true for the opposite. 1MFBTFUBLFUIPTFDPVQMFPGFYUSBNPNFOUT to provide a positive experience. "T B UFTUBNFOU UP UIPTF XIP IBWF worked hard to improve temperament and image of the Canaan Dog in our sport: the well trained, socialized and well handled Canaan Dog will be a joy to have in your ring.

5. Moderation and soundness. Moderate angulation resulting in soundness.  /PCJMJUZ BOE HSBDF " OPCMF QSFTFODF and graceful movement should drip from this breed.  $VSMFEUBJM8IFOFYDJUFEUIF$BOBBO Dog tail should curl over the back. One full curl is desired. Sickle tail is acceptable. Th e tail should not curl more than once and/or fall o ff to the TJEF BTBO"LJUB   "MFSU BOE XBUDIGVM ɨF $BOBBO %PH is very alert and aware of his surround-

ings. Th ey don’t miss anything going on in their environment.  'MBUMZJOHDPBU)BSTInBUMZJOHEPVCMF coat of short to medium length. Under- DPBU BDDPSEJOH UP TFBTPO 'FBUIFSJOH present on neck and thighs. Open coats are undesirable as they are ine ff ective in the elements.  /BUVSBMOFTT ɨJT CSFFE IBT TVSWJWFE GPSTPGZFBSTPOUIFGSJOHFPGDJWJ - lization. Th eir keen senses and survival instinct have allowed them to thrive in these conditions.

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"EEJUJPOBMMZ IFSFBSFUIFUPQ things to look for in a Canaan Dog (in no particular order):  #MVOU XFEHF TIBQFE IFBE ɨF IFBE should appear as a blunt wedge when viewed in profile and when looked down upon. Th ere should be no appear- ance of a two piece head. Th e cheeks should be smooth and adequate fill under the eyes. 2. Hooded ears, set low and almond TIBQFEFZFT#PUIFBSMPCFFEHFTTIPVME DVSWFNBSLFEMZGPSXBSE"MNPOEFZFT basically of oval shape, bluntly pointed at both corners. 3. Square body. Th e body should be square when measured from the point of shoulder to the rearmost projection of the upper thigh and from the withers to the ground. 4. E ff ortless movement. Th e trot should be quick and brisk, covering more HSPVOE UIBO FYQFDUFE "O FOEVSBODF trot, as opposed to tremendous reach and drive, is required.

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