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By Christina Miller Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc. - Judge’s Education Chair


ot everything you have heard about the Canaan Dog is true. Th ey are not feral beasts that would rath- er bite you than look

t "MMPXJOH UIF FOUSZ UP HBJU BSPVOE the ring once prior to examination is the first key thing you can do. This allows the entry to become familiar with its surroundings. It also affords the inexperienced handler a moment to settle down. t 1MFBTF BMMPX B CJU PG UJNF GPS UIF IBO - dler to stack their entry. Try to avoid direct eye contact with the entry during this time. Once the entry is stacked and ready, approach with confidence – not dominance. It is best to approach at an angle – not directly from the front or side and NEVER from the rear. t 0ODFXJUIJODMPTFQSPYJNJUZ JUOFWFS hurts to exchange pleasantries with the handler. Th is helps the entry to realize his handler is comfortable with your proximity, thus he should be comfort- able as well. Th is can also ease a nervous handler, in turn relaxing the entry. t 'JSTU DPOUBDU PG UIF FOUSZ  BTTVNJOH the entry is relaxed and you are com- fortable, should be a gentle hand under the chin. Th is allows the entry to feel VOUISFBUFOFE"GFXLJOEXPSETUPUIF

at you. Quite the opposite is true. Th ey would much rather flee this situation than face confrontation. Th e past decade has seen vast improve- ments in temperament in the ring. Th is improvement is due to breeder’s improv- ing temperament, more experienced han- dlers, positive ring experience and proper socialization of the dogs. Granted, there is always room for improvement and there are a few things you can contribute to this improvement. Th ere are many key things you can do in your ring to set a wary or inexperienced Canaan Dog at ease. If you have judged sight hounds, you should have no trouble with a Canaan Dog in your ring. Th is breed is very alert and in tune to their sur- roundings. Th ey are naturally aloof with strangers, but have a strong desire to please their handler. “The past decade HAS SEEN VAST IMPROVEMENTS IN TEMPERAMENT IN THE RING.”

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