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Abbeyrose Angel of Hapitails from our friends, Elizabeth Leaman and Richard Powell, who brought in the best attributes of the Hapi- tails program; breeding to Multi. Ch. See’s Ready to Go, owned by our friends, Peter and Jill See; and breeding to GCh. Marydale’s Limited Edition whom we leased from Mary Beecher. These are just a few of the Welsh who have been important to our program. Each of these dogs exuded breed type, and thankfully, passed it along to their offspring. Jack wasn’t yet 2½ years old when he won BIS at Montgomery. To date, he has sired just a handful of litters, with numerous, won- derful Welsh that are gaining notoriety around the world. His true mark on the Welsh Terrier breed will be seen in years to come. 5. The future of some Terrier breeds appears to be uncertain. Do you have any advice to offer today’s breeders whose efforts are helping to preserve breeds that may be vulnerable to extinc- tion? It is so very important to build alliances with other purebred dog enthusiasts, and work together as colleagues with a common goal. We should encourage and support other exhibitors, especially newcomers. We can expand our reach by participating in a wider range of events (performance and conformation) and programs. Co-ownerships of dogs with newcomers and with established breed- ers is a great way to expand involvement and build relationships. For example, Captain Jack was co-owned with Welsh Terrier breeder Janice Simmons, who brought her unique talents and interests to the team. Regional breed clubs can also expand our reach, and increase awareness of issues, while feeding membership to the National Club. At Abbeyrose, we believe education is an important strategy for building community, encouraging active participation, and preserving our breed. We are particularly committed to education about breed type, event opportunities, legislative issues, basic dog care, and tips, training, and health care issues, including alternative treatment options. BIOS Mary Duafala has been breeding Welsh Terriers under the prefix Abbeyrose for over 30 years. She has bred and owned nearly 50 AKC title holders (primarily Welsh Terriers, but also Wire Fox Terriers) and numerous Terrier Group winners and BIS winners, including GCHS Abbeyrose Captain Jack, 2018 MCKC BIS recipient. Mary was President of AlphaMED, Inc. Medical Communications, and is currently Executive Director of the Abbeyrose Foundation and owner of AlphaMED Bioenergetics, LLC where she focuses on moving wellness forward for people and their pets. She resides in Columbus, Ohio. Judith Anspach has been a Welsh Terrier breeder for more than 30 years, joining Abbeyrose in 2009. She has bred and owned numerous AKC title holders in conformation and performance, including multiple BIS and BISS winner GCHS Abbeyrose Black Diamond, multiple RBIS and Group winner GCHS Abbeyrose Captain Morgan, and Ch Merrylegs Great Expections RAE CCX WTCA Versatility Champion Supreme. She has served as WTCA Recording Secretary and as a Board Member. After a career in legal education at various law schools, she retired from Indiana Univer- sity Robert H McKinney School of Law where she taught Animal Law and Advanced Legal Research and was the Director of the Law Library. She lives in Carmel, Indiana. Pam Allen has bred Welsh Terriers for 28 years and is part of the original Abbeyrose Welsh Terriers team. She has partnered with Mary Duafala in breeding both Welsh and Wire Fox Terriers, and both of them are AKC Silver Breeders of Merit. She is a Registered Pharmacist, a past President of the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy, and a retired healthcare executive having worked in Ohio, North Carolina, and New Jersey. Pam is the current editor of the WTCA WAG newsletter and lives in Columbus, Ohio.

This is our favorite photo of Jack and his “family.” It shows GCHS Abbeyrose Captain Jack, his breeder-owners, his handler, Leonardo Garcini (and his team), and Jack’s friends and supporters from around the world. To us, this photo shows the true spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that will help to preserve our Terrier breeds.

1. The Montgomery County Kennel Club dog show is wide- ly considered to be a breeder’s showcase. What does it mean to have bred a Best in Show winner at “The Greatest Terrier Show?” Words can’t describe the pride felt in winning BIS at the Great- est Terrier Show on Earth—pride in the dog we bred and pride in our handler for his exquisite conditioning and presentation of this wonderful dog. 2. How did you react when you realized that one of your dogs was awarded Best in Show at Montgomery? Were you there? All three of Jack’s breeder-owners were sitting ringside. While this was a dream that we all shared, it was always a dream that it would hap- pen “one day.” We just did not expect that that would be the day! We were stunned, shocked, and happy beyond measure. This was the first time in 22 years that a Welsh Terrier had been awarded BIS at Montgomery. Making it even more special was being surrounded by friends and supporters from around the world who shed tears of joy along with us. 3. Can you tell us a bit about your winning Terrier? What made this dog so special? Captain Jack exudes Welsh Terrier type; he is sturdy, compact and rugged. When you see him in profile, there is no doubt that he is a Welsh Terrier. He is happy, playful, and dedicated too and, without fail, he demonstrated those char- acteristics every time he was in the ring. However, Captain Jack could never have achieved this level of success without his handler, Leonardo Garcini. As a team, Leo and Jack were flawless and never held back. 4. Every purebred dog is the result of a series of breeding deci- sions. Can you share a bit about your dog’s pedigree as well as his/ her impact on the breed? Breeding decisions are so very important, and every breeding is planned out well in advance. We rely heav- ily on the coefficient of inbreeding in making breeding decisions, and focus on breed type. Jack has many wonderful Welsh of exem- plary breed type behind him. He is by GCh. Brightluck Cheshire Gold Doubloon out of Ch. Abbeyrose A Penny for Your Thoughts. He has behind him our wonderful GCh. Abbeyrose Jersey Boy who, along with Ch. Abbeyrose Black-Eyed Susan, produced some of our most notable Welsh. There have been numerous land- marks in our breeding program, including the acquisition of Ch.


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