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Fourth Place: Irish Terrier Brace, Corkadoon’s Pride and Joy/Ch. Corkadoon’s Sweet Memories. (Owners: David and Glenda Carscadden.) Is there a particular “Montgomery Memory” (or two) that you can share that best exemplifies the spirit of this iconic dog show? This relates to the handler of the Airedale: The next day, I was thinking back on the wonderful time I had judging Best in Show. Then it hit my brain waves that when this Airedale was going down and back, then around the ring, I NEVER noticed the handler. The dog was always seen at the end of the lead, under control at all times. This lady handler reminded me of the Terrier handlers of days gone by—the ones who could truly put down a Terrier; condi- tion and show it to its very best advantage and yet never be seen—a flashback to the Master Handlers of Terriers! She was breathtaking because she was almost invisible. I do have one great memory of when I was judging the Kerry Blues one year at MCKC, and the weather gods were not really good to us humans. (The dogs could have cared less that it was raining—not raining, but RAINING!) The rain had puddled just in front of me (the judge) when Michael Kemp was showing a young dog in the Best of Breed class. As Mr. Kemp was returning from the down and back, he lost his footing and slid into “home plate” on his rear end as the dog stood in a perfect free-stack, look- ing at him like his handler was crazy! So, I yelled out as loud as possible, “SAFE!” This was the year that I’d purchased a very nice dress for the day (we all do), only the dress was dry clean only and not washable! Why did that matter? Well, as the dress got wetter and wetter, the long sleeves shrunk. By the time judging was over, my long sleeves were near my elbows! Yeah, I threw that dress in the trash. (But it is a funny memory!) BIO Anne Katona is currently approved to judge five of the seven AKC- recognized Groups, along with eight Working breeds and three Herding breeds. Her judging career has taken her to wonderful foreign assignments, including Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Thailand, China, Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, Colombia, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, and recently, Holland. She has written many articles for numerous dog magazines here in the United States and overseas. In 2002, Anne had the privilege of judging Best in Show at Montgomery County Kennel Club—the largest All-Terrier show in the world. She It has also been a thrill for her to have judged at Westminster Kennel Club in New York City several times. From 2005 thru 2010, she was employed by the American Kennel Club as a West Coast Executive Field Representative. Anne is a Kerry Blue Terrier enthusiast whose dogs have won multiple Bests in Show and Specialty awards throughout the United States and Canada. Though the Kerry Blue will always be her “heart dog,” she stopped breeding dogs once she was approved to judge the Terrier Group. At present, Anne and her husband, Jack, are owned by a Maine Coon Cat named Stiller (after the Pittsburgh Steelers). I appreciate being asking to participate in the SHOWSIGHT 2021 MCKC Judges Interview, The ‘Best’ of Montgomery. “This lady handler reminded me of the Terrier handlers of days gone by—the ones who could truly put down a Terrier; condition and show it to its very best advantage and yet never be seen—a flashback to the Master Handlers of Terriers!”

Breed Judge: Charles J. Foley. Shown by Sharon Boyd (well-known Soft Coated Wheaten breeder/handler). This Airedale was an outstanding example of the breed stan- dard. He was sturdy, well-muscled, well-boned, and equal in pro- portion (balanced). He was full of Terrier expression, with keen- ness and intelligence. His headpiece was long, not too broad (nor too narrow). His body was short, with loin muscular and of good width, and short. His topline level, his chest deep to elbow and well sprung. His tail was well set up, on thick hindquarters when look- ing from behind or from the side. He had great legs and feet, and moved with power and confidence in addition to having tremen- dous showmanship. His coat was dense, hard, and wiry, straight and close. On that day, he was King of the Terriers! Second Place was the Welsh Terrier, Ch. Bruhil’s Sea-Aire Carsey. (Breeder: Betsy & Leigh Dale & Valerie Padgett; Owner: Bruce Schwartz; Handler: Wood Wornall; Breed Judge: Richard William Powell.) This Welsh bitch was in beautiful condition. Her rectangular head had a confident and alert expression. Her muzzle was strong and powerful, her nose, black. She had a slight arch of neck, a level topline, chest and ribcage were well-ribbed with mod- erate width, and a strong, short loin. She was a good walker, down and back, and extremely sound (good reach and drive) on the go- around. Her awesome, close-fitting jacket was hard-wiry-dense. Third place was the Miniature Schnauzer, Ch. Regency’s Twist Of Fate. (Breeders: Beverly J. Verna & Gwen Mulheron; Own- ers: Beverly J. Verne & David and Kim Potts; Handler/Breeder/ Owner: Beverly J. Verna; Breed Judge: Maxine V. Beam.) He was of perfect size and silhouette with an outstanding head and expres- sion. He “went places” when he moved, with perfect foot timing. Fourth place was the Norwich Terrier, (English Import) Ch. Cracknor Cause Celebre. (Breeder: Miss M. H. E. Matell; Owner: Mr. & Mrs. J. Beale & Miss M. H. E. Matell; Handler: Peter J. Green; Breed Judge: Kenneth McDermott.) This bitch had beauti- ful breed type, proper bone, and a beautiful head and expression. She was a great mover and held a solid topline. She completed her AKC championship that weekend. There is also a Terrier Brace Group at MCKC, and it is amaz- ing that exhibitors can get TWO Terriers in a brace. I give them credit for patience! First Place: Smooth Fox Terrier Brace, Ch. Tunnel Hill Just the Ticket/Ch. Tunnel Hill Tickety Boo. (Owners: Lynn E. Reams DMD & Robert Shelburne & Craig Snethen.) Second Place: Skye Terrier Brace, Ch. Cragsmoor Good As Can Be/Ch. Of Skyline Amulette. (Owners: Eugene Zaphiris & Mathew Stander.) Third Place: West Highland White Terrier Brace, Ch. Cam- crest-Rime Q’d Up For Trouble NA NAJ TD/Ch. Camcrest Andsurly Trouble NA NAJ TD. (Owners: William Sanders and Sandy Campbell.)


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