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Top 5 Reasons to DNA Test With Embark Before You Breed

E ducating yourself about canine health is one of the best ways to learn about dog breeding. There are many health screenings and genetic test results to consider when making responsible decisions while planning a litter. Let’s explore the top five rea- sons why knowing the genetic health risk of your dog can improve the way you care for your dog and the future of your breed by reducing the risk of producing puppies with certain health conditions. INDIVIDUAL HEALTH RISK To produce healthy puppies you must start with a healthy dam. Beyond the individual physical exam and associated blood work for pre-breeding health, adding a genetic test to help identify possible genetic risks will allow for optimal care. Some potential health concerns for the individual animal can be uncovered by DNA testing. For example, you can identify if your dog has a drug sensitivity or if your dog is at-risk for a specific bleeding disorder, both of which may be of value prior to any surgical procedure that may be required. An Embark for Breed- ers DNA kit can also screen for multiple genetic variants that lead to the possible formation of bladder stones or eye conditions such as PRA, which can lead to blindness. Having these metrics to share with your veterinarian can be a useful tool in times of health challenges or in preparing a proactive preventive care plan.


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