Showsight September 2021


K-9 officers were among the mourners at the graveside service.

event was to take place, Gloria Askins received the news that AKC TV would be filming the Groups and Best in Show on the very day that the Jumper family would be honored in a special ceremony. As Judge Michael Faulkner paused to make his final deci- sion, marking his judge’s book with his choice for Reserve Best in Show and Best in Show, the audience stood at attention as scores of Sgt. Jumper’s fellow officers filed into the ring carrying our American flag. They were followed by Cat Jumper, escorted by Brian Osborne, a very special family friend and former K-9 Handler and Supervisor with the GCSO K-9 Team, with his daughter, nine-year-old Ansley Osborne who referred to Conley as “Uncle Jumper,” and Dr. Robert Presley, Chief of Staff for Upstate Vet and Veterinarian for the GCSO K-9 team. Kris Harner was waiting in the ring to introduce GKC Club President Jeanette Stribling, AKC Delegate Gloria Askins, Law Enforcement Liaison Blake Roulette, and very special guests; South Carolina State Representative Jason Elliott, Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis, Handlers from the Green- ville County Sheriff ’s K-9 Unit, and Sgt. Jumper’s daughter, Cat Jumper. Speaking to Cat Jumper, Harner said, “ Your family already knows how special Conley was, but now, you, our community, and dog show fans around the country are hearing how much he impacted our community. The Greenville Kennel Club is just a small part of how he impacted this area. He helped our club find an important role in which we could support our community best, through our com- mon interest; dogs. Our purpose is to protect the breeds that were developed over the centuries with a purpose to help people. Jumper used dogs to help perform his job, working with people. It was only fitting that we supported the Greenville County Sheriff ’s Office K-9 Unit. Since 2004, Sgt. Jumper and the K-9 Handlers and their dogs have attended our shows. Many of our exhibitors here today, and hundreds of dog show patrons, have had an opportunity to meet and chat with Sgt. Jumper and other K-9 Handlers. We are forever grateful that our paths crossed. On behalf of the Greenville Kennel Club, it is my honor to present to you the Law Enforcement Flag enclosed in this engraved case, dedicating our 2021 shows in honor of Sergeant Conley Jumper’s service. ” God works in wondrous ways. I truly believe it was His will for the world to be able to share in Sgt. Conley Jumper’s story by seeing him remembered and his family honored by the Green- ville Kennel Club on AKC TV. In these turbulent times in our world history, let us remember to pray for those in law enforcement, like Sgt. Conley Jumper, who put their lives on the line every day to protect us and our country. God bless these courageous men and women, and God Bless America!

Board Member Sharon Smith arranged all the flowers for the show. She incorporated cuttings from the gardens of Past President Bobbie Fairbanks and AKC Delegate Gloria Askins, making them even more meaningful.

Your Author and BIS Judge Michael Faulkner


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