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THE CANE CORSO Our Courageous & Great Hearted Friend By Zoe DeVita

The Cane Corso as Companion Dog T

Cane Corso doesn’t get proper socialization and attention prepare for an unruly, unhap- py puppy! If lack of socialization continues through adulthood prepare for unsociable or fearful behaviors. An adult that is exiled from the family is bound to be miserable. If you have other obligations, a demanding occupation or if you don’t prefer to have your dog’s constant companionship, than a Cane Corso may not be a good fit for you.

he Cane Corso will become completely devoted and attached to your family. Th ey can show their a ff ections in a variety of ways. Some

find it necessary to be in your lap every waking moment and are exuberant in demonstrating their a ff ections. Th ey may lean on your leg, put their head in your lap and paw at the bathroom door to be with you. Some are more reserved in nature, yet always remain close to their people. Th ey are sensitive to their favorite people and are very loyal with their attention. Your Cane Corso will intuitively respond to your mood. When you are joyful, grief-stricken or angry, they will vigilantly respond to you with devotion, a ff ection and love. Cane Corsos thrive on companionship. Th ey want to be wherever you are. Although they will tolerate being crated or kenneled for a period of time, they need human con- tact to remain well rounded. A Cane Corso needs socialization and lots of it! If your

Interesting Cane Corso Breed Facts

Th e Cane Corso is a dog breed having its origin in Italy. Th ey were bred to pro- tect the farms and livestock from thieves, predators and vermin. Th e Corso is very versatile and can perform an eclectic job portfolio including, but not limited to: • Herding • Hunting • Police/Military • Bomb and Drug Detection • Search and Rescue • Schutzhund/IPO/Protection Sports • Guarding • Catching

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