Showsight Presents The Cane Corso

slightly convergent and never parallel. Th e skin should be fi rm and smooth and void of excessive wrinkling. Th e skull viewed from the front is wide and should not have a round appearance in the area between the ears. We seem to be seeing more and more of these round skulls in the ring and it is simply not correct. Th e stop should NOT be a right angle, but should be pronounced and fl ows into the convergence of the skull.

EYES: Th e Eyes should be of medi- um size with a clear almond shape, never budging or big and round. Th e rims should be tight fi tting with minimal haw visible. Placement of the eyes is also a very impor- tant part of the head piece. Th e eyes should set slightly above the bridge of the muzzle thus allowing for a clean line of sight with turning its head from side to side. When viewing from the front, correct eye place- ment should be set at 15 degrees for females

and 10 degrees for males as shown in the diagram above. NOSE: Th e nose is another area I concen- trate on. Th e nose should be large with open nostrils. We are seeing too much of what I call “Boxer nose” (a nose more comonlly seen on a boxer) with closed nostrils show- ing up in the rings these days as opposed to the correct larger Molossoid nose with open nostrils. Th e pigment should be that of the overall pigment of the dog. Dogs that have

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