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B erger Picard history will be made July 1, 2015 when we enter the Herding Group. Th e socialization, classes, training and attending shows in preparation for this day has taken each and every Picard owner on an adventure. When choosing a show Berger Picard, it is important to find a breeder who understands what it take to breed, show and raise a dog that will succeed in the show ring. Meeting several breeders dogs, observing them at shows and visiting their homes can give you a better picture of how your prospective puppy will be raised. Berger Picard requires a lot of early social- ization so how they are raised before the pup comes to your home is very important. Once the pup comes home, socializa- tion should start immediately. Berger Picard pups should be introduced to as many new experiences as possible. We start with Puppy Love/Puppy Socialization and handling class. Take your puppy along to the shows with you, walk them around and let them get the Show experience and most importantly meet strangers. Teaching your Picard to be at ease around strangers is very important. Let them play show dog young. Th ey should get used to a crate as they are used often at the shows. Crate games make for an amazing foundation for the pup to get use to the time spent in the crate while at the shows. Feed the pup in the crate to provide a positive experience and do not keep them crated for long hours. Teach them to settle in a crate and have them see it as their safe haven as at shows, this will be one of the few places they can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the show ring. Th e stand for exam is the hardest thing for a Berger Picard as they tend to like to do things on their own terms. Desensitizing them to being touched by a wide variety of stranger is needed and should be done on a regular basis. Some people start stacking the pup on a grooming table while others use the staking legs to have them gain con- fidence and then work their way down to

the floor once the pup has a solid base. Th e use of lots of treats and praise to reward good behavior is your best friend. Stacking and staying on a grooming table also gets them use to it for grooming. Make sure all grooming experiences on the table are positive and Berger Picards should never be left unattended on a table. Teach them to be tolerant of dryers and nail grind- ers slowly. Th ey tend to have a stubborn side so there is a real balance between being firm with them and shutting them down. When grooming your Picard for show several things should be kept in mind. Th e Berger Picard should appear rustic. Appearing rustic and being dirty are two di ff erent things. About three days prior to showing bathe your Picard with #1 All Systems® Crisp Coat Shampoo (a shampoo that helps keep the coat feeling crisp). Back blow your dog then brush. We also make sure the feet are neat and well maintained. Nails trimmed and pads of the feet are kept clean. Any old hair should be hand stripped and the ears should be tidy and not overly long. Th e day of the show, the dog should be brushed out. Th eir coats do not require product and should feel crisp to the touch. Normally, Berger Picards are pretty consistent gaiting. I haven’t seen them break stride often. Th ey should not be rushed around the ring but rather at a pace that shows o ff their free-flowing, ground- covering gait. Th e Picard is a very balanced moderate dog and that should be reflected in its gait so it is very important to judge the side gait and down and back. Th ey should be clean coming and going with nice reach and drive. Berger Picards are quick learners and do not like a lot of repetition so it is important to keep things interesting for them in the conformation ring so they don’t get bored. Play while they are not being examined is helpful to keep their minds engaged. Do short training sessions with them and vary the things you work on so they don’t become a pattern. Very few Picards are food motivated so other motivation tactics

such as toys and squeakers might need to be used to keep them engaged. Th e overall presentation should look similar to the above picture. Still rustic in appearance but, at the same time showing o ff your dog’s best features making sure that the judges will be impressed. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Deanna Donohue has Picard Club of America, her love for the breed began in a little Pub in London and soon become a full-time passion. Deanna and her husband, Rick have made several trips to Europe to hand pick their foundation Picards. Deanna and her family have bred and shown some of the top winning Picards in the US; even becoming the fi rst American Berger Picard owners to return to France to compete in the Elevage. Th eir top winning BIMBS RBIMBS UCA UWP UGRCH Alpha Natura Bacchus CA CM, Bacchus received all Excellents and his Cotation 3. Th e Donohue’s have enjoyed contributing to the bred and are very excited about the Berger Picards future. been involved with Berg- er Picards for over more than 15 years. As a Char- ter Member of what is now known as the Berger


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