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socialization at an early age will make any puppy a better adult. Puppy kindergarten is an excellent start. Even a small Great Dane is a big dog, bad behavior can not be allowed. Danes, especially puppies, do not require a lot of exercise. Th ey do make good apartment dogs if walked often and given lots of attention. Like any breed, Dane puppies can get into mischief. Most Dane owners crate train their puppies until they are past the destructive age and can be trusted to be loose in the house alone. Th is past-time is not limited to Great Dane pup- pies; but to all puppies. Th e Great Dane is an intelligent breed. Although they appear docile and very laid-back, they love to be “busy”. Danes can be the best companions and still compete in conformation events, obedience, agility, versatility, fly ball, tracking, search and rescue and yes, even dock diving! One of their best abilities is as therapy dogs. Th eir bond with people and their intuitive nature makes them exceptional therapy dogs. Visiting nursing homes, school rooms and libraries during children’s reading activities. Th ey make great service dogs. Th eir size makes them useful for people with MS and Parkinson’s who need help with their balance. Th ey are truly gentle giants. Th e Great Dane Club of America has a website full of information pertaining to Great Danes, events, the GDCA Charitable Trust and breeder listing. BIO I fell in love with this breed when my mother sat an 8 week old brindle male Dane in my lap and said, “He’s yours!” Th at was in 1968 and my life has never been the same! I have been active in many facets of the breed. Breeding on a limited basis I have bred 6 Top Producers and 5 Top Twenty Danes. I have been an AKC licensed judge since 1990 and have judged Specials at the Great Dane National twice and have judged over 50 Specialty shows. I have served the GDCA as the Judges Ed Chair for 8 years and have been on the committee for 12; I am co-chairing this year. I have served on the Standard Committee several times. I am currently the AKC Delegate.


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