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1. Where do you live? What do you do “outside” of dogs? 2. How many years in Great Danes? Showing? Judging? Breeding? 3. What, in your opinion, is the secret to a successful breeding program? 4. What do you feel is the condition of the Great Dane breed today? Pros and Cons? 5. What do you feel breeders need to concentrate on to improve the quality of Great Danes? 6. How do you feel about the influx of new judges, special- ists and all breed, to our breed? Do you feel they have a grasp of the standard, do they know what compromises a good Great Dane? 7. What is your favorite dog show memory? 8. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the breed? Please elaborate. LOURDES CARVAJAL My love affair with Great

The secret to a successful breeding program is total evalu- ation of the faults, no kennel blindness. Stay with the cor- rect balance of a GD and do not breed for any reason than to improve your get. And that includes health, longevity and temperament. Loose line breeding and go to the correct stud when neces- sary to breed out. Always looking to improve, not perpetuate faults. Not all Champions are correct. What I you feel the condition of the Great Dane breed is today? A more elegant Dane that provides a lovely side view. An extreme head should not be their only asset. The Dane has become too extreme and other issues are going down the wayside: balance, shoulders, rears, topline and movement. What I feel breeders need to concentrate on to improve the quality of Great Danes? All of the above and concentrating on health. Good Danes do not happen overnight. Patience, study, mentoring and commitment to creating good Danes to be proud of through a lifetime is most needed. Overnight suc- cess only lasts that. HowI feel about the influx of new judges, specialists and all breed, to our breed? Do I feel they have a grasp of the stan- dard, do they know what compromises a good Great Dane? Some all breed judges understand the Breed, new non breed judges are that, provisionals, unless breeders, do not have a clue. I only blame AKC for giving licenses without enough demands on education to acquire one. My favorite dog show memory? Too many to mention. But overall the joy of success in an extremely limited breeding pro- gram and that those show dogs all came to bundle up with me in bed. Being companions is of outmost importance for this Breed of ours. Anything else I’d like to share about the breed: education, education and always by the Standard. The few left established lines through years are the correct mentors. Ask, understand what it takes for a breeding program. PAT CIAMPA I acquired my first Dane in

Danes started as a child, but it was not until the 1970s that I acquired my first Gen- tle Giant, a Rescue named Morisca Moon of Carpa, CD who allowed me to share in her infinite wisdom. Danes then became my passion and in the late

1970s, I was in the show ring. My successes in the breed have been many for which I am very grateful and under the kennel name Rochford, together with Janet Quick, we have been committed to the health, longevity and quality of Great Danes. However, we do not breed anymore. I have been very actively involved in Puerto Rico and the United States in dog legislation, animal abuse laws, responsible ownership through the public school system, Great Dane Res- cue, Chairperson of National Specialties, the Board of GDCA and have also administered the GDCA Charitable Trust, but it is as a judge, that I feel I have culminated my dedication to Great Danes as I can give, with my opinion, something back to the Breed that I have chosen to dedicate my life to. We show actively with great success be it owner handled or at the level of campaigning. I live in Freeman, Missouri. Outside of dogs, I vol- unteer for a battered woman’s shelter that happens to be one of the few that has built a shelter for dogs and cats. And involved with several KCs , Great Dane Rescue and Charitable Foundations. I have 48 years in Great Danes, 45 years in show- ing, 20 years in judging and 19 years in breeding. I do not breed anymore.

1970. She started my lifetime commitment to this breed. Together with Helen and Tif- fany Cross we have have bred or owned 80 Champions in three colors along with obedi- ence and performance titles. I am a member of the GDCA and GDCNE. I am most proud of the

many accomplishments our dogs have achieved at National Specialties, a showcase for our magnificent breed. Also,

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