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LOURDES CARVAJAL I reside in Freeman, Missouri. My interests include civil rights and volun- teer work at a battered women’s shelter. I’ve been in the world of dogs since I can remember—in Great Danes for 42 years and judging for 17 years.

JOHN & JESSIE GERSZEWSKI We live in Madison, Wisconsin. John is president of Allied Manufacturing out of Richland Center, Wisconsin. The dogs are full time for me. We’ve bred, handled and finished other breeds but our passion is Great Danes. I have been breeding and showing for 43 years; John for 35 years. We both have judged several sweepstakes, the Futurity and the Top 20. JOY LOBATO I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I am retired from elemen- tary physical education (35 years). I have been in dogs for over 40 years. I handled Whippets, Pointers and Mastiffs, but mostly Great Danes for about 15 years. I then became a breeder, in which I bred, raised and showed my own dogs. I started doing Sweepstakes Judging in 2000 and have done two Futurities in my breed. ERIC RINGLE

PAT CIAMPA I live in Merrimack, New Hampshire; I am now retired, after owning a pet care facility for 35 years. I am very hap- py to spend time with family who are all local and a special group of friends. My husband and I enjoy our winter trips to Florida. I have had Great Danes for 46 years and have been licensed to judge Danes for over 20 years. I started showing in Obedience first in the 70s and late 70s in the breed ring. KATHLEEN DAVIS We live on a small ranch in Northern California, about a half hour south of Sacramento. Outside of dogs, I specialize in software design and have had the pleasure of working for Wells Fargo Bank for a number of years. Davishire Danes has produced 25 AKC conformation champions, including three BISS Danes and the first natural-eared mantle champion and Best in Specialty show winner. LOWELL DAVIS I live in La Verne, CA; which is an eastern suburb of LA. I attended my first dog show about 68 years ago, showing my Dachshund puppy to a Breeder/Judge. I took 2nd out of three. I have been judging for 45 years, starting with Great Danes and am now approved for Groups 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. I have been married to my wife Arlene for over 55 years. She is approved to judge Groups 1, 2, 3 and 7.

I live in Lake Worth, Florida. Origi- nally, I am from New York and also resid- ed in California for a number of years. I enjoy being active as well as more seden- tary pursuits like reading and cooking for friends. I have 46 years in the dog world. I have 25 years as an apprentice and pro- fessional handler. I spent 4 years on the executive staff of AKC producing Breed Standard Videos for judges, and now have 22 years of judging.


I live in Massachusetts and my life outside of dogs is still in dogs. I’m a retired administrative assistant for a superinten- dent of schools and I have transferred those skills to my breed clubs, serving as recording secretary and now correspond- ing secretary for the Great Dane Club of America, trustee/


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