Showsight July 2020

Having A Safe Show BY PHILIP BOYCE N ow that your club has decided to have your show, what is next? Who do you need to contact to make sure you can have your show? Do you really need approval? How do you make your show safe? Finally, how do you enforce your rules, policies, protocols and guidelines during the show? In my previous letter, I’d mentioned that you will need to work with the government. For my clubs’ shows in July, I was having problems getting the Governor’s Office to respond. After multiple attempts, I figured I needed to go about this in a different way. I sent an email to the three commissioners of the county where my shows are located. I received a positive response and am now working with them. My email contained everything we were planning for the shows and I believe the best way to share the information with you all is to share the email:

Dear Commissioners,

My name is Philip Boyce and I manage the Mountain Laurel Cluster Dog Shows at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds every year during the 30th week of the year. This year, that falls on July 23-26. The Mountain Laurel Cluster are dogs shows put on by the Lackawanna Kennel Club, Bald Eagle Kennel Club, and Williamsport Dog Training Club. We also host Specialty Shows for the Keystone Cocker Spaniel Club and Delaware Val- ley German Wirehaired Pointer Club as well as a Supported Entry by the Brandywine English Setter Club. These shows are licensed and approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC). We have worked non-stop since shows stopped in March to develop a set of protocols, safety measures, rules and procedures for the Cluster, along with the AKC providing guidelines to having shows for clubs and also for judges, which ended up being right in line with each other. With the state’s latest changes to the reopening plan and limiting events in Green Phase, I am assuming we will need to obtain an exemption from the state. However, after multiple attempts, I have been unable to get a response from the Governor’s Office. I determined it would be best to contact you all so we can work with the county to make sure of what we need to do in order to have the shows in July. I would like to keep an open line of communication, so we can share information back and forth work together to make a well-thought-out and informed decision on the shows. I want to make sure I explain everything we are planning on doing with the shows regarding safety measures so you all understand why I feel we should be allowed to hold the event. If you have any questions, need clarification or anything, I am available via email, cell, text or messenger. My contact information is below in the signature. Some of the measures we are planning are open to evolve and may be amended or removed based on the situation at the time of the shows: 1. The shows/event will be closed to the general public. Anyone attending the shows must either be an owner, exhibi- tor, handler, handler assistant, judge, club member, hired professional (photo, video, superintendent, steward, etc.) Any family member or friend attending the show must enter with an owner or handler of the dog (first time enter- ing) and get an access pass. General public will not be allowed on the grounds (to the best we can control) and, if found in a building, will be politely and professionally escorted off the premises. 2. Everyone on the grounds, including event members, judges, professionals, all exhibitors, owners, handlers, assis- tants, friends and family must sign a Covid-19 waiver. Everyone will need an access pass to get into buildings and tents; passes will be made available by filling out and signing a Covid-19 waiver. (I will even be signing one). I am also asking the fairgrounds staff to sign them. Basically, if you are on the grounds you need a pass; to get the pass you must sign the waiver. 3. Masks will be required in all buildings at all times. Masks (surgical style) will be provided to all people working the shows. Exhibitors, owners, breeders, handlers, etc., will be required to provide their own masks. We will have extra, if needed. 4. The shows usually have conformation, obedience and rally events. There are usually eight rings and crating/grooming areas in two buildings combined, with four rings with crating for obedience and rally in the second building. When looking at having the event we wanted to provide it in a safe environment for all and, after careful consideration, we canceled obedience and rally and will only offer conformation to ensure we can best practice social distancing. 5. The rings (which will have separate in and out entrances) will be spread out between the three buildings instead of two, and there will be no general grooming areas in the building. No hair dryers or forced air dryers will be allowed in buildings at any time. We will have staging areas next to each ring along with ringside crating areas. Crates are only allowed in the crating area 15 minutes before and after breed judging. This will allow handlers and exhibitors with multiple dogs to be able to stage them since there is no permanent indoor setup areas. >


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