Showsight July 2020


6. If we get a bigger entry that requires more than nine rings we will add rings outside and bring in additional judges and staff as needed, all while adhering to social distancing, wearing masks and other safety measures. 7. Each and every ring will be marked every six (6) feet so the exhibitors and judges know the proper amount of spac- ing needed between dogs. 8. We work with Site Control, a company that helps provide building and grounds management and security. They carry insurance, have specific industry training for the services they provide, know the dog show world, and are a huge asset with enforcing or implementing policies, etc. 9. We will have signs throughout the buildings and fairgrounds to help with reminding people to wear their masks and practice social distancing. 10. Every entrance in or out of the buildings will have hand sanitizer stations with signage. Judges will have hand sanitizer and will be required to sanitize their hands after every dog. There will also be random stations throughout the buildings and outdoor rings. 11. Special attractions like Puppy Groups and Veteran Groups have been canceled. 12. Any special attractions that we normally have, like a free BBQ dinner and ice cream social, will be adapted and changed to make them safer: No BBQ dinner, but a box dinner; no sundae bar, but pre-packaged ice cream treats. 13. We will go through every step of the show and make sure we’ve covered everything needed (i.e., a cleaning com- pany cleans the bathrooms and showers according to CDC and OSHA guidelines). 14. We set an opening date for entries this year of June 24 with a closing date of July 8. We plan on making a tentative go/no go announcement on June 23 with a final decision on July 1. 15. The food service provider will adhere to the state public health guidelines for Covid-19 and all other state health regulations on food service. We have thought outside the box on this one and will minimize human-to-human contact when serving food. I am sure there are more items that need to be ironed out. However, the biggest thing to remember is that we are put- ting our best foot forward to provide these shows while providing them in the safest way possible, minimizing human-to-

human contact, and adhering to CDC and PA Covid-19 guidelines. Here are links to the AKC’s suggestions to clubs and to judges: Suggested-Best-Practices.pdf ?utm_medium=email&utm_source=sailthru&utm_campaign=20200512_clubs_conf-covid19- best-practices Judges are Section 6 in the above link. I look forward to hearing back from you all and working with the county in order to be able to have this event. Thank you for your time,

Philip Boyce 631-766-6126 2nd Vice President Mountain Laurel Cluster LLC Chairman, Judge’s Selection & Assignment Committee Show Chairman - Lackawanna Kennel Club

Board Member - Lackawanna Kennel Club Professional Handler - Breeder of Weimaraners -

We’ve decided to have some building doors designated as entrances only and others as exits only. This will help with social distancing and controlling the flow of everything. One thing we are really still figuring out is discipline. I will be contacting the AKC for guidance on violations of Covid-19 safety measures and what we are allowed to do and what we aren’t in terms of a zero tolerance policy. We need to get back to shows. We need to be strong in our convictions to work through the hard times and not hang up the towel because something didn’t go our way. Remember, “no” is not “no” until they tell you “no” three times. We also have to do the best we can to provide the shows in the safest manner possible. So please have your shows, but adapt the way they are run in order to keep them safe. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call, email, message or text. I am here to help. I am already help- ing a handful of all-breed shows and one national specialty. I also started a group on Facebook called Dog Show Chairmen Consult- ing Group (DSCCG). We can do this, but we need clubs to stop canceling their shows and work through the problems they are facing no matter how chal- lenging or impossible they may seem. May the fancy rise again!

The commissioners are now helping us get state approv- al for the event. They have provided information that we would never have heard of without reaching out to them, and this is allowing us to move forward. One key note: Closing shows to the general public makes you a Non-Spec- tator Sport/Event. This, at least in Pennsylvania, is a very important item to be able to move forward with the shows. We are now working on getting the final approval, but we can move forward without it. We have US House of Rep- resentatives for the local district on board, we have a State Senator on board, we have the County Commissioners on board and, most importantly, we have the Fairgrounds on board. I am continuing to work with Site Control, the Fair- grounds, RV/prime parking manager and others to develop our final plan, rules, procedures, etc. Vendors will be at the shows, but they will be more supply or service vendors focused on sales to exhibitors and show people and not the public. We are also working on finalizing how to deal with some of the procedural stuff, like providing armbands and entry into the building. We will announce that in our Judging Program.


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