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The hardest part was not being able to hug your friends or stand around chatting.

one yourself. This way no one else has touched it, but you. I didn’t like any of the ways they tried to do the ribbons. Not that I was too worried about it, but I think the ribbons should be mailed. Do I have any thoughts about the procedure for taking win pho- tos? I loved the way they did it! So much easier to just walk over to the photo area and take your photo. No need to wait for the judge, the photographer puts the judge and ribbon in for you. How would I rate my experience overall? Great. It was a 10— best organized dog show I have ever been to. Would I say that the shows set a good example for other clubs to follow? Yes, for sure. It was a success. Is there anything that could have been done differently? There really wasn’t anything they could have done differently. They did a good job covering every aspect of the show. Only thing I think they could add is a temperature check at the door. Am I planning to attend other shows that are held this year? Yes. Do I have a message that I’d like to share with the dog show community? Yes. Please be kind and remember that we are all fam- ily! We are all trying to keep this alive and it is a learning experience for us all. It is not easy changing lifetime habits. Don’t use this time to tear people down. Be kind! Love you all!

ring or stop to talk outside the ring. It is in our nature to be social; it is hard to change what is natural overnight. What was it like to show without spectators? Not really any dif- ferent. Only thing you notice is it is quiet when you go around the ring. How “clean” did I find the facility overall? Very. My grooming set-up was by the doors and the restrooms. I saw the venue’s staff go by every 15 minutes and clean the door handles and railings. The staff also went in and cleaned the restrooms every 30 minutes. Was everyone wearing a mask and my dogs react to them? Yes, everyone was wearing a mask at all times. I never saw anyone with- out one on. Was I pleased with the ring set-up? Yes, I loved this set-up and think it needs to stay this way with or without COVID. It was safer and easier not to have everyone in the same little area. It made the ring run quicker and smoother. What about armband and ribbon pick-up? We tried four dif- ferent ways of doing this. I think out of the four ways we tried picking them up by breed and the number at the superintendents table was the best. Personally, I think they should just be mailed with the judges program. If you are a handler or forget it, just make

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