Showsight July 2020


Taking a serious look at Champion Azalea Hills Keowee Sand Storm, RE; owned by Bobbie Fairbanks and Nancy Reid. Taylor Williams handling.

Happy Day topping off the evening with Amazing Grace . Butch Schulman later related to me his feelings about Gwen. “Gwen is like a second mother to me. Like my own mom (may she rest in peace), she has given me invaluable knowledge about our beloved Collie breed, she taught me the correct way to do a proper Collie head exam, and continues to give me guidance through the ups and downs of life. When others attempt to influence my thoughts or question my judgement and integrity, I can still hear Gwen say, ‘Butchie, don’t let nobody pick any damn shade trees for you to sit under.’ Gwen is truly my heart song. She is an inspiration, one of my Guardian Angels on earth. She gives me the strength to believe in myself, shares her love and devotion with my wife and children.” The Quarter Century Collie Group’s President, Jim Holliday, summed up the dog world’s feelings today for Gwendolyn M. Means in what he sensed about her 34 years ago when he was a young competi- tor: “I had the pleasure of showing in the lineup of specials for Best of Variety com- petition with Gwen at the 1986 Collie Club of America in Chicago for the 100th Anni- versary Show. I remember her fondly with a beautiful tri-rough male special and she was dressed in a stunning white pants suit. There was something special about her and although a fiery competitive person, she was very gracious to me, a very young boy at the time. Gwen is a true testament to persever- ance and overcoming unnecessary obstacles in her life to flourish. She is highly respected and admired in the dog world, especially in Collies. This extraordinary lady is The Right Stuff!”

Gwen Means judging her second CCA National Specialty Show at Virginia Beach in 2018, the same year she was elected 1st Vice President.

of Variety and Best of Breed at the Col- lie Club of America in Kansas City. She set high goals for herself prior to judging the CCA as a trust she felt she owed those individuals who helped her come to that day and to those who made a difference and enhanced her knowledge, and most of all, the Collie, that brings her much joy, and in their own way made such an occasion a reality. Gwen Means is a survivor of ‘the times.’ Her story is one of a Collie breed- er, owner, exhibitor and judge...but most of all a proud American. Her story also has great historical significance relating to the sport of dogs, and to our nation.” As Janine concluded her beautiful trib- ute, teary-eyed guests rose to their feet exploding in applause as Butch Schulman escorted Gwen to the stage to present her with roses and the Right Stuff Award. Schulman also arranged to have the entire Gospel Choir from the Forest Bap- tist Church of Louisville surround Gwen on the stage to sing her favorite hymns, His Eye Is On The Sparrow and Oh,

Personnel Management. She was married 60 years to retired aeronautical engineer, the late Morris Means, and they have two wonderful children. Their son, Marc, is a computer engineer and the person Gwyn-Marc Collies is named after. Their daughter, Teresa, is a licensed veterinar- ian from Michigan State University. We welcome Teresa as she is here with her mother this evening. Gwen is a former CCA District Direc- tor and 50+ year lifetime member of the Collie Club of America. For over 20 years she held together the Miami Val- ley Collie Club on a shoestring budget, wearing multiple hats in doing so. And, she is this year’s CCA trophy chair in which she single-handily raised over $8,000 in trophy pledges and dona- tions the old fashion way , reaching out to members, person to person, over the telephone! In 1993, a dream came true for Gwen that seemed unattainable in 1959 when she attended her first CCA. She was cho- sen by her peers to judge Inter-sex, Best


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