Showsight July 2020

Puppy Personality At Day

A Dachshund puppy will, of course, be longer in body than a Doberman, but what’s intriguing is that a Poodle pup will be more social than a Pyr- enees of the same age. That’s because the Pyr was developed to bond to his flock whereas personal protection dogs and hunting breeds have been genetically manipulated to bond to humans. Whether one ascribes to the theory of evolution or the mystery of creation, no thinking person can deny that the dog is the most unique animal on this planet. The dog’s size range and aptitudes are unmatched by any mammal in the animal kingdom. Only humans have such wide-ranging physical features and talents. Think about this—cats, big and small, do not bond with mankind. The elephant has long been domesticated and willingly works for his mahout, but is just as happy in his nat- ural state. Authorities agree only the dog chooses to abide with and serve mankind. 355 FEATURES OF BREED TYPE AND PROCLIVITY FOR BREED PURPOSE EMERGE AT FIVE WEEKS AND ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN STRUCTURE WHEN ASSESSING A LITTER.


SO TAKE 70 SECONDS AND EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON A SUBJECT THAT TOUCHES YOU AND WHO YOU ARE. We know that humans evolved physically and intel- lectually, but we don’t know if there are any wolf genet- ics in your dog! There is no undisputed evidence that the dog descended from the wolf. Here is what we do know about canine personality and devotion, from puppies to old dogs. provides obvious history—“in about 13,000 BC, the dog became the first domesticat- ed species—long before prehistoric man domesticated the next oldest companion species, cats.” ~ ref 1 Forensic studies show that the “first undisputed dog remains” were found buried with humans as far back as 36,000 years ago.” ~ ref 2 >


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