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“Cracker”, GCh Bellewoods Bonhomme JE CA (Photo by Clark Kranz);

Fyrewyre’s Berried Treasure BN RE CA THD, coursing

“Mimi”, GCh Bellewoods Lumiere SE CA (Photo by Clark Kranz)

During World War II, with trench warfare obsolete, there was less demand for small breeds in the military, but mascots contin- ued to serve at the front: a Wire Fox Terrier was the constant companion of Field Mar- shall Montgomery. On a lighter note, Fox Terriers have starred in many films. Most recently, Lucia Hackett's Wire “Bella”, Ch. Hiwire Act at Hexham CD RE SE CGC, appeared in “Moonrise Kingdom”, while two of Charles Kelley's Hopewell Smooths, belonging to director Tom Ford, were fea- tured in “A Single Man” with Colin Firth. People still ask where they can find a Wire like Asta from the 1930s “ Th in Man” series, and the 1967 Disney film “Charlie, Th e Lonesome Cougar” featured (as Charlie’s nemesis) a Smooth named Chainsaw. Bill and Betsy Dossett’s Smooth Ch. Toofox Tasmanian Devil starred in one of the Superman films, guarding a child asleep in a wheat field from an oncoming com- bine thresher to which they were invisible (Superman zoomed in and scooped them both up in the nick of time!). Fox Terriers have qualified for numer- ous titles in all AKC sponsored perfor- mance events in which they are allowed to compete. In 2012 alone, Smooths earned a total of 91 performance titles and Wires 108. Th is is higher than the total confor- mation titles earned in 2012: 97 champion for Smooths and 42 Grand Champions; 70 champions for Wires and 20 Grands. In Smooths, Cobell’s Carbon Copy UD RE SE, owned and trained by Ingrid Butt, bred by Joanne Coté, gained her UD title to add to Earthdog and Rally titles, as did Leg- acy Sweet Liberty CDX AX AXJ JE bred by Steve and Evelyn Laughlin and Eileen Olm- stead DVM; trained by owner Ann Collins. Ch. Cobell's Star Struck UDX7 OM6 VER RAE ME, also owned and trained by Ingrid

Butt and bred by Joanne Coté achieved Util- ity Dog Excellent 7 and Obedience Master 7. Ta Da's Easy Rider MX MXJ bred by Elaine Powell, owned and trained by Carol Nelson, earned Utility Dog Excellent 7; Ch. Blu Vu's Boy George OA AXJ MXP2 MJP4 OFP, owned by Carolyn Farrington, and Lori Fer- guson qualified for Master Agility Excellent Preferred 3, and Carol Perkins' Ch. Foxhunt Homeward Bound RAE OA AXJ AXP AJP NFP JE received Master Excellent Jumper Preferred. CH. MACH DDV's Bold Tod- hunter CD MXS MJC XF bred by Jacalyn Wilson, owned and trained by Denise Visco and Richard Reynolds qualified for Master Agility Silver. Mary Lynn Machado's home- bred littermates GCh. Bellewoods Bonhom- me JE CA and GCh. Bellewoods Lumiere SE CA (B) became the first Smooths to earn titles for Coursing Ability and Coursing Advanced titles. In Wires, Afterall Hiwire Kona King BN TDX, bred by Raymond Lowe and Diane Ryan, owned by Barbara Bonner became a Tracking Dog Excellent. Tes Jacks Full Of Dueces UDX2 OM4 bred by Elise Singer, owned by Robin James, achieved Utility Dog Excellent 2 and Obedience Master 2. MACH 11 Snowtaires Kobe MXG4 MJB5 AXP AJP MXF MFS TQX JE bred by Bar- bara Decker and Edward Boyes, owned by Carol Smith gained Master Gold Agility 4, Master Gold Jumper with Weaves, Master Silver Fast, Master Agility Champion 11, and Master Gold Jumper With Weaves as well as Triple Q Excellent. Many from both breeds gained Senior and Master Earthdog Titles. Coursing Ability titles in Wires were pioneered by Ch. Aljamar Witch Kraft CDX RAE bred by Janice Rue and Marilyn Las- chinski, owned by Barbara Bonner and Mar- ilyn Laschinski, Briarlea's Call To Reveille RA CA bred by Virginia Matanic, owned

by Cassia Drake; and Ch. Enchantment Lady Bentley O'Santeric CDX BN RAE CA bred by Lareen Kegel and owned by Oralee Adams. Th e Coursing Ability Advanced title (a first for the breed) was awarded to GCh. Ashgrove Camarillobrillo SE CAA owned by Sarah Frost and John Amann DVM; GCh. Carywyre High Voltage CAA bred and ownd by Cary Mudge; Ch. Cary's Turbo Lover CAA bred by A. J. Pertuit, Jr., owned by Cary Mudge; Ch. Emmwyre's Foxy Pri- ma Donna CAA Blossom bred and owned by Joelyn Heslep, and GCh. Purston Jeri- cho Rose At Hi-Jinks JE CAA bred by Jean Mason and Mary Collings, owned by Sarah Frost and John Amann. And Fyrewyre's Berried Treasure BN RE CA THD bred by A. J. Pertuit, Jr.; owned and Rebecca Mali- vuk received the first o ffi cial AKC Th erapy Dog title. It should be noted that these dogs, both Smooth and Wire, are also from top winning show bloodlines, sired by all breed BIS, Group, specialty BIS and Montgomery breed winners. Th e working instincts prized in earlier times are still strong in the breed today. I recall my house dog, Ch. Gabryl Grace of Foxden. I had set my first ever (and last!) glue trap in an old farmhouse where I was then living where rats would enter the kitch- en through over-large duct work holes. I'd just come downstairs to let Grace out when I heard a loud flapping sound. A rat was caught in the glue trap and was bucking fran- tically, trying to get loose. Grace shot by me and seized rat and trap in a vice like grip. I am happy to report that the rat was instantly dead, but Grace's jaws, containing both rat and trap, were firmly glued together. She was very proud of herself. By the time I pried the sticky mess and the corpse out of her mouth, I was late for work, but Grace saw me o ff with a smug grin on her face.

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