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AJ ARAPOVIC President Office 512-686-3466 ext. 102 Cell 512-541-8128 HANIFA ARAPOVIC Vice President 512-686-3466 ext. 104 Cell 512-541-8687 MICHAEL R. VERAS Chief Operating Officer 512-686-3466 ext. 101 SAMANTHA ADKINS Production Co-Ordinator Advertiser Relations 512-686-3466 ext. 103 Being bonded with its human also makes the IG warm and cozy bed partner. Almost all of them appe to be genetically programmed to dive under the cove without having to be taught how to accomplish thi There is also no need to worry about an IG suffocatin while buried in a blanket or comforter. They will aut matically know how to come up for air when nece sary. Eight hours of sleep a night isn’t enough for mo IGs, so they will appreciate a clamshell or snuggie typ of dog bed that can be used for a snooze during th day–preferably sever l of these throughout the hom Beds the humans share with their IGs should never b those exaggeratedly high ones that some people lik for some reason. The lower the distance to the floo the better. An Asian style platform bed is safe an ideal. MAILING ADDRESS PO BOX 18567 TAMPA, FL 33679 IGs are not yappy like some other small breeds an a single dog is rarely a barker; but most are quite ge erous with their w ning big dog wo fs if somethin unusual occurs. They will respond in a different ma ner from one another to visual and audible stimuli. group of them can be easily set off to howl if somethin prompts it, an activity sometimes referred to by ado ing owners as “singing.” Neighbors tend to call something else. Once started, they aren’t easy to sto There are those who say the Italian Greyhound low in intelligence, but very likely these people a confusing intelligence with trainability. I find IGs be highly intelligent, although this varies considerab from dog to dog. Even the trainability level is qui good as long as the training is done with the prop mixture of positive reinforcement a d firmness. I‚I’v often been asked, since we have lived with IGs f nearly 50 years, what are their most common perso ality traits. This is extremely difficult to answer, sin there have been no two completely alike. I believ more than any other breed these dogs are truly ind viduals, which actually explains one of the factors their irresistible charm. TNT About the author: I acquired my first Italian Greyhoun in 1966 and have lived with from one to 18 of this breed any given time ever since. I have bred more than 70 AK champions under my La Scala kennel name. Currently a d of my breeding is the top Toy stud in Great Britain, and o of my dogs is behind many of the winning IGs in Brazil. In 1989 I was approved by the AKC to judge Itali Greyhounds and have judged breed specialties in Italy an Australia as well as several times in the United State including the National Specialty in 2003 and 2010. I will judging IGs in Japan in October along with the other T breeds for which I am approved. BONNIE GUGGENHEIM Editor/Advertising Director 512-971-3280 DANIEL CARTIER Director, Social Media & Web Site JOSEPH NEIL McGINNIS III I have written four books about the Italian Greyhoun have been the IG breed columnist for the AKC Gazette sin 1977 and frequently write articles for other dog magazines. have served on the Judges' Education Committee for t Italian Greyhound Club of America, was one of the creato of the Illustrated Standard for the IG and am a past pre dent of the IGCA. Cur ently I'm the president of the Kenn Club of Palm Springs. Most importantly, I absolutely adore this breed and can imagine living without at least one or two of them. ARAMEDIA





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