Top Notch Toys August 2018

TOY TALK ETCETERA by Bonnie Guggenheim, TNT Advertising Director & Associate Editor

WHAT AND WHY OF TNT Breed Features

P lanning for Breed Features starts 2 or 3 months prior to the date we have dedicated to making your special breed the one TNT will focus on. We try and plan the month before your National Specialty when breeders and exhibitors are showing their best and most exciting to give the fancy a look at what they have accomplished in the previous year. I contact the National Board starting with the President and Correspond- ing Secretary with a letter explaining what TOP NOTCH TOYS is planning and request several articles. Most important to the majority of us is the article from the Judges Educa- tion Department. They often include articles that can be pulled up from the club website.

We solicit this information because judges new and experienced really appreciate input and knowledge from the Parent Club and we deem it im- portant that these articles come from people approved and often referred to me by the National club. Second, we like to include articles and photos from the club historian or breeders with the knowledge and years of experience to provide this important part of our breed feature. Often they include photos of the big winning and top producers as well as winners from the past…the further back the more we appreciate it. If you want a map to where you are go- ing you need to know where you have been and that applies to breeding and showing dogs.

The next question had to do with grooming. All the long coated breeds had wonderful examples of dogs in cute cut down clips to make living with them easier, unless you enjoy brushing and some people do. Most have puppies in the booth so people could see what they look like “from start to finish”. If your breed is great in Agility you and your club should promote it! There are lots of new opportunities from Barn Hunts and Trick dogs to Fly Ball and more. When your National club is called to provide information for our breed fea- tures I hope you will encourage them to participate. I’m always willing to help andmake it easy for participants. If there are people from the past you would like to see featured, discuss with your parent club and request your historian submit an article. Top Notch Toys is the “go to” place for judges, history buffs and anyone interested in your breed. With your help the breed feature can be one of the best ever in our Group Five, all Toy national magazine. Continued success with your breed clubs and your breed, remember… Inquiringminds want to know, so stay in touch! Win lots more.

Articles on living with the breed are critical to the success of the

breed features as many people ask you as a breeder or exhibitor

what they are like to live with as a house pet. At Meet The Breeds in New York and Orlando I focused on the Toy breeds— without fail the big- gest questions were what are they like to live with and are they easily potty trained.

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