Top Notch Toys August 2018

M ost people refer to them as Ig- gies or IGs. For the uninitiated, they are Italian Greyhounds, a breed that graces the Toy Group at AKC shows but is integrated with the larger Sighthounds in the FCI based standard used throughout most of Europe, Asia and South America. They fit flawlessly into both. They also are fantastic companions for people with an eye for beauty, a love for fun and the unexpected, a willing- ness to accept a few charismatic foi- bles and no embarrassment at sharing love with a highly devoted animal. These dogs are not couch potatoes indoors like their larger Greyhound cousins. They are small enough to en- joy romping and playing wildly in the window sill or other high up attrac- tion. Most IGs consider it great sport to leap from one chair or sofa back to another. These dogs also have an amazing ability to sense that some- thing on a table or countertop, al- though essentially out of sight, might be delicious or possibly a fun play- thing; and they usually are sufficiently agile to do something about it. Pup- pies and young adults can be surpris- ingly destructive chewers. The best solution is to keep temptation out of reach. The IG not only has excellent vision but the other senses are keen as well. Most of ours have been able to hear a magnetic refrigerator door being opened from two rooms away. They are adept at begging, those THE IGGYFIED HOME by Lilian S. Barber tiniest apartment. They can be active almost to the point of being hyper, and that energy can remainwith them into their double figured years. Activities like agility or lure cours- ing or less structured active play on a regular basis can help to tone this down. Keeping two IGs is easier for some people, especially if no one is at home for quite a few hours during the day. More than two, however, can complicate housetraining problems and possibly accelerate the wild be- havior. It’s quite important to “IG proof” the home by eliminating high backed furniture or moving it against a wall, removing anything that could become a booby trap for an IG leg, such as a webbed chair, inviting

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