Top Notch Toys August 2018

to die for expressive faces making the house rules re- garding no between meal human food treats difficult to enforce. Above all, the IG, although generally cordially aloof with strangers, is extremely affectionate and loves to be with its person or persons. Walking, either on city streets or down country lanes or anywhere in between is a favorite pastime and is a healthful occupation for both dog and owner. Those walks must be on a lead, however, as the average IG is highly motivated to chase small animals and, although they are not the type of dog that is likely to run away fromhome for the sheer joy of exploring, the lure of going after something that is moving away rap- idly has caused many an IG to become lost, not to men- tion that most of themhave little sense regarding danger from automobiles. Almost everyone has heard stories of the difficulties en- countered in housetraining this breed. They aren’t the easiest dogs in the world in this respect; but they are far from impossible. If one keeps in mind that these are small dogs with small bladders, the first hurdle can be overcome. Don’t make them wait. They also don’t like going out into the cold, wind or rain. The best results are obtained with dual house training, whichmeans supply- ing the little prince or princess with some kind of indoor potty device. The type that uses artificial turf has result- ed in some great success and is not quite as unattractive as an area of sopping wet newspapers or a litterbox. For outdoor potty purposes, in areas where a doggie door is safe to use, most IGs can be fairly easily trained to use it. Living with one or more Italian Greyhounds can be a sensuous experience. Not necessarily lap dogs, typically IGs prefer to sit or lie next to their person, making as much body contact as possible, chin resting lightly on an armor leg, andwill nearly always remain in this position until the human gets up or something exciting is start- ing to go on somewhere. Gently stroking a silky neck or body is a calming influence for both human and canine. Being bonded with its human also makes the IG a warm and cozy bed partner. Almost all of them appear to be genetically programmed to dive under the covers with- out having to be taught how to accomplish this. There is also no need to worry about an IG suffocat- ing while buried in a blanket or comforter. They will automatically know how to come up for air when nec- essary. Eight hours of sleep a night isn’t enough for most IGs, so they will appreciate a clamshell or snug- gie type of dog bed that can be used for a snooze dur- ing the day–preferably several of these throughout the home. Beds the humans share with their IGs should never be those exaggeratedly high ones that some people like for some reason. The lower the distance to the floor, the bet- ter. An Asian style platform bed is safe and ideal. IGs are not yappy like some other small breeds and a single dog is rarely a barker; but most are quite generous

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