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A Simple Formula for JUDGING THE BELGIAN TERVUREN By Sharon Ann Redmer

H ow to judge Belgian Tervuren — here is a simple formula from one breeder judge. First select for type and tem- perament, and then find the best moving dogs amongst that subset of typical, men- tally sound dogs. Easy… right? TYPE What makes type in a Tervuren? Th ink about overall criteria falling into

5 “buckets” of characteristics: silhouette, relative proportions, head & dentition, expression, coat & color. First… Th ink square silhouette, and remember from high school trigonom- etry that “o ff -square” really IS a rectangle. Our Tervuren are measured from point of shoulder (NOT point of breastbone) to point of rump. Th ey have full britches, and the males carry a collarette—both of which can add the illusion of length. Stand back. Look at where the dog’s feet stand naturally… if you need to squint your eyes

to get the overall proportions of height to length, go ahead! A Tervuren does not “stand” over a very large piece of real estate. You will see dogs who appear square enough from afar, but they stand over a lot of ground and have straighter fronts and rears. Th is is not correct. Next, look for an elegant length of neck. Th e withers are accentuated and the topline is level. Th ere is a very moder- ate tuckup (seen best in those out of coat adolescent girls and boys) and a medium long croup. Check out the tail. Does it

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