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By Deb Eldredge photos courtesy of ABTC Archives Tervuren

B efore you look at these amazing dogs, you need to stop a second and look at handlers— yes, that is exactly what I said! Most Bel- gian Tervuren are owner-handled. Some of those handlers are extremely capable and professional. Some are not. Th e odds are quite good you may have a total newbie in your ring, usually attached to a slightly rambunctious youngster. Take a deep breath. Remember that these newbies are the future of the sport. Smile and be kind. Th en it is on to the dogs! Th e Belgian Tervuren is a “moderate dog.” Th ere is not unusual movement such as the extreme reach and drive of the German Shepherd Dog. Th is is not a “coat breed,” and in fact, excessive coat, especially if soft, is not desired. While an elegant head can add to the silhouette, this is not a “head breed,” and heads are just one piece of the puzzle. Our breed standard basically says it all: “ Th e Bel- gian Tervuren is a herding dog and versatile worker. Th e highest value is to be placed on qualities that maintain these abilities, speci fi cally, correct temperament, gait, bite and coat.” Temperament and movement are essential parts of Terv type. Tervs are typically free stacked and should be shown on a loose lead. Th is is a natural breed. Feet and hocks may be neatly trimmed, but there should not be any “body sculpting.” Belgian Tervuren are a “square” breed and that is re fl ected in the silhouette. It is important to note that the correct measuring points for a Terv as you eyeball the silhouette are from the point of shoulder to the point of rump. Th at measurement should be approximately equal to the height. Bitches get a little leeway on length. It should be obvious right away which sex a dog is—bitchy dogs and doggy bitches are both incorrect. When looking at the head, the expression should be alert and intelligent. Th e eyes are dark and slightly almond shape. Th e stop is moderate. Ears are set high and equilateral triangles in shape. Ears are prick. Hanging or drop ears would be a disquali fi cation. >


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