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By Sharon Ann Redmer

L iving with a Tervuren…. what do you think it is like? THINK VERSA- TILE… think way smart… think active… think agile… think easily trained…. think alert! Your average Belgian Tervuren is wicked fast. Owning one is like driving a Ferrari…not a minivan! Any Terv owner will attest…there is absolutely noth- ing these wonderful dogs cannot learn. Our Belgians truly want to please… it is hardwired into their very nature-- they are “biddable”. Th ey bond quickly to “their humans” and become your sec- ond skin. If having a loyal dog shadowing

you everywhere is irritating…well a Ter- vuren just is NOT for you. Terv owners will tell you that it has been years since they’ve done much of anything without the “help” of their dogs! Th e 3 AKC Herding Group Belgians (Tervuren, Belgian Sheepdogs named Groenendael in other countries, and Mali- nois) were first developed in di ff erent areas surrounding Brussels. Th ey were herders, guardians of the farmer’s property, family dogs, and protection dogs. Subsequently used by law enforcement and the military, they were one breed with variations in coat color and coat length/texture. All were square dogs with high set erect triangular

ears, long tails and medium long heads. Th ey were medium in bone and moderate in just about everything except their abil- ity to learn. Physically, Tervs are typically elegant with proud carriage of head and neck. Th e coat of a Tervuren male is truly a thing of beauty. Rich base color caressed by a black overlay is often the first quality attracting newcomers to the breed. Th e girls are less ornate in their furnishings, but are equally lovely. My first Tervuren was “Bravo” a pet male who earned his UDT back in the day when there was no OTCh, no MACH, no CT and no HT. I wanted a dog to show in

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