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similar movement faults are to be penalized according to the degree with which they interfere with the ability of the dog to work. Temperament: In his relationship with humans he is observant and vigilant with strangers, but not apprehensive. He does not show fear or shyness. He does not show viciousness by unwarranted or unprovoked attack. He must be approachable, standing his ground and showing confidence to meet overtures without himself making them. With those he knows well, he is most affectionate and friendly, zealous for their attention and very possessive. Faults : Any deviation from these specifications is a fault. In determining whether a fault is minor, serious, or major, these two factors should be used as a guide: 1. The extent to which it deviates from the standard. 2. The extent to which such deviation would actually affect the working ability of the dog. Disqualifications: Males under 23 inches or over 26½ inches or females under 21 inches or over 24½ inches. Hanging ears, as on a hound. An undershot bite such that there is a complete loss of contact by all the incisors. A cropped or stump tail. Solid black, solid liver or any area of white except as specified on the chest, tips of the toes, chin, and muzzle.

Approved January 9, 2007 Effective March 1, 2007

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