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frigid Northern waters, with the insu- lation of the proper undercoat to keep them warm. The right texture of both serves to shed the water as opposed to getting more soaked and weighing the dog down. This is an amazing dog to watch doing its work, and that pow- er, strength, and conditioning should reflect in the show ring. The Newfoundland Dog is also a soft dog. Its expression should invite you in. The eyes are dark and almond shaped, set into a headpiece with broad cheeks and muzzle. If you’ve known a Newfoundland or two, this soft expres- sion and expressiveness of the dog is part of it’s calling as a “Gentle Giant”. It’s also true in the Newfoundland nature. These are not aggressive dogs, but they will protect in their gentle way

by putting themselves between you and danger. A story was told about a young child and a bike. A couple of young bul- lies took the bike away from the child. The “sleeping” Newf on the porch got up and put himself in front of the bike, and the bullies ran away. The child remounted his bike and the Newf went back to his spot on the porch. Now had more been needed, the next step would have been to knock the bully down, and if needed, to stand on them, but the last choice would have been to bite! For these reasons and many more, the Newfoundland dog is a cherished friend and companion. Yes, he needs to be protected from heat. Yes, there is a coat that needs to be maintained, but all in all, this is a dog that makes his way into your heart and stays there.


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