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I continued my love of training in obedience and then began showing in conformation and breeding under the Kilyka prefix. I was fortunate with my foundation bitch. She was the top-producing Newfoundland bitch for over 30 years. The current top Register of Merit bitch was co-bred (from Kilyka parents) and co-owned with Dejah Petsch. Ch. Mol- lybrook Absolute Kilyka became the foundation for the well-respected Tempest Kennel. As the Newfoundland Club developed rules and regulations for water rescue and draft work, I participated as a trainer, handler and later as a judge of these working activities. Many of my Newfs earned the coveted versatility title, and I earned utility titles on 18 breed champions. I served the NCA as a Board member for 18 years as well as President and Vice-President. I chaired the Judges’ Education Committee and helped in the writing of three revisions of the standard and of the Illustrated Guide to the Standard . I started judging in 1995, and I have been honored to judge at two National Specialties and in nine European countries. JOAN ZIELINSKI

I live in New Jersey and I live closely with dogs—five Rottweilers—but love being outside and my tropical plants. I’ve been in the dog world all my life; as a professional handler in Working and other breeds, I showed for over 20 years and have been judging for 12 years. As far back as I can remember I’ve always had a dog of some type, starting with a Fox Terrier and German Shepherds as a child. Growing up my love for dogs

did not diminish, and became very interested in learning how to train them. My tastes always went in the direction of large Working and Herding breeds, and I purchased my first Rottweiler in the early 1970s. This dog was an import and I obtained a CD with her, also going High in Trial. As time went on I purchased other Rottweilers and began han- dling them myself. I had also owned Dobermans and German Shepherds, prior to the Rottweilers, which I did competitive obedience with. I’ve been judging a bit over 10 years now. I’m currently permitted to judge the entire Working Group, Parson Russell Terrier, Vizslas and juniors. I’ve judged many Working breeds’ specialties, some as far away as Alaska. I also judged the Rottweiler National in 2015—what an experi- ence! I would also like to add how deeply grateful I am to the Newfoundland community for their valuing my opinion for this survey. BETTY MCDONNELL

We live in Auburn, Washington, just south of Seattle. Outside of dogs, we spend time with friends and fam- ily including our fourteen grandkids and great grandkids, travel, gardening, read- ing. and going to movies. We’ve been in dogs 51 years; showing for 48 years and judging for 35 years. I’ve been in dogs

since 1965 with my husband, Stan. We have raised and bred many champion Saints over the years, about 175 of them, as well as many performance dogs and foreign titleholders. We did all this while raising our four children and Stan being an engineer at Boeing while I taught school, running home many short lunchtimes to check up on litters of puppies and their dams. I began judging in 1983, but put advancing in my judging career on hold for quite a period while I taught school. Judging on the East Coast on a Sunday did not fit with teaching school Monday morning on the West Coast. I’ve trav- eled all over the world and have admired so many breeds of dogs worldwide. I’ve seen some remarkable Newfoundlands in Italy and Scandinavia. I’m currently the president of the St. Bernard Club of America and emphasize advances in health and temperament. How can one have giant dogs without these characteristics?

I live in Mahwah, New Jersey on “pre- served farmland” where I have a Christ- mas tree farm and a private nature pre- serve. I have always lived with dogs and as a young teenager I earned a CD on a German Shepherd from the famous Long- worth Kennels. In 1964 after college, marriage and three daughters, I found the perfect family dog in the Newfoundland.


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