Showsight Presents The Bichon Frise

BICHON NATIONAL JUDGES CRITIQUE A fter watching the video, I must admit that the per- spective you get sitting ringside versus standing #47. Dart Of Fires Castle JP: Such a nice dog. I had such a hard time between this dog and #51. WINNERS DOG AMERICAN BRED #72. Barberry Hillwood You’re So Vain: Nice mover, lovely outline and so full of herself. by MIMI WINKLER Judges Choice Bichons

#70. McNelson Phantom’s Baby I’m A Star: Nice expression and pretty head. She was just a little unsure of herself. OPEN BITCH #82. Dognews AW1 Marry: Beauti- ful dense coat, wonderful tailset, nicely balanced bitch and great–mover. #76. Petit Ami’s Open Your Heart: Pretty head, nice mover and great coat. WINNERS BITCH #32. Luvit Dalnavert Ministry Of Magic: My 9–12 bitch. She could not be denied on this day. RESERVE WINNERS BITCH #64. Gemstone–Lyndale Simply Spectacular: My BBE bitch. On any given day my winners could have been reversed, they were both wonderful. VETERAN DOGS 7–10 I wish I had a blue ribbon for every dog in this class. They were all deserv- ing of first place. When I looked in the catalog to write their names, I now real- ize why I was so impressed. Each and every dog presented had such an impact on breeding programs. I applaud all of these dogs, they were stunning and in such wonderful condition. They flew around the ring as if they were just two years old. I kept them in the same order as they were presented, therefore I feel they all deserve recognition. #63. GCH Parays Power & Privilege. #65. GCH Belle Creeks Flight To Deja Vu. #67. GCH Wendan Out On Parole From Musicbox. #69. GCH Absolute Affinity Agape Bullet Proof. VETERAN DOG 10 YEARS AND OLDER #71. Belle Creeks Hot Shot: As good as it gets.

in the middle of the ring can be quite different. With that said, my catalog notes are just as appro today July 12th as they were on May 5th, 2017. If my descriptions seem repetitive it’s simply because I look for and reward the same

#51. Wasilli Tuke Of Oi Le Kennel. RESERVE WINNERS DOG #47. Dart Of Fires Castle JP. Interesting side note. My winners dog was from China and my reserve winners dog was from Japan. PUPPY BITCH 6–9 CLASS #8. Cher Ami’s Hillwood Sugar and Spice: Very balanced, nice coat, pretty head, nice mover and a great attitude. #12. Wendan Diamonds Are A Girls BFF: She had a pretty head, beautiful tailset and a nice mover. Just a little bit of neck separated these two girls for placement. PUPPY BITCH 9–12 #32. Luvit Dalnavert Ministry Of Magic: This bitch never took a wrong step from the minute she entered the ring. She had beautiful balance, head, coat, neck and attitude. #40. Gaylors Red Carpet Ready: This little package has so much going for her. She too is a winner. 12–18 CLASS #46. Encore Cherish Romeos Bet- ter Half: Nice head, pretty outline and nicely balanced. #50. Waterfalls Perfect Storm Paisley Rose: Pretty, less bone, nice head and a great topline. BRED BY EXHIBITOR #64. Gemstone–Lyndale Simply Spectacular: She was a lovely bitch that was smooth when she went around the ring and so pretty on the table. She too had everything. #68. Barberry Hillwood Hot Child In The City: It was so nice to see such a hap- py bitch. She had a wonderful attitude with a pretty head and a wagging tail to match.

attributes in every class. 6–9 PUPPY DOG

#11. Belle Creek’s Who Can Make The Sunshine: Nice balance, nice neck, great attitude, pretty head, nice topline and a smooth mover. #5. Bella Allure Shades of Grey: Pretty, pretty dog and so full of himself. He will finish quickly once he settles down. Gave #11 a run for his money. 9–12 PUPPY DOG #23. Wendan I’ve Got Your 6: Nice balance, nice neck, pretty head and good topline when moving. #17. Legends Get Off My Cloud Of Lore: Pretty dog, nice head and nice eye set. When his chest drops he will be a #25. Heights Order In The Court: I really liked this “honest” Bichon type coat, movement and face. I don’t know what spooked him in the final line up. BRED BY EXHIBITOR DOG #31. Bibelot Cher Ami’s Master Of Control: Elegant, nice balance, nice neck, pretty head and good movement. #29. Solstice I Wanna Talk About Me: A little longer in body. Has to settle down. Forges his head when moving. OPEN DOG #51. Wasili Tuke Of Oi Le Kennel: So nice to go over, beautiful head, won- derful length of neck, maybe too much rear angulation, but great layback of the shoulder so he was balanced and full of himself. fabulous mover. 12–18 DOG


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