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By Karen Keller, Sue Fontaine & Angie Ogle

re you looking for a companion, a “close” companion? Th eir loy- alty and attachment to their people makes them wonderful family

companions. In fact, don’t plan on ever going to the bathroom alone again! An owner should also expect “help” around the house, reserve with strangers and an avid jumper. Th e Miniature American Shepherd will happily play the clown until it gets a smile and a hug. With a great sense of humor, some even smile back at you! Looking for a dog that likes to do stu ff , lots of stu ff ? Th e Miniature American Shepherd is highly food motivated and easily trained. In addition to herding, for which they were bred, they make excel- lent agility competitors, athletic disc dogs, attentive obedience and rally competitors, incredible trick dogs and compassionate therapy dogs. You will see them at flyball, treiball, and freestyle competitions as well as

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