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How do I Pick the Right Dog? It may take some e ff ort to find a Min- iature American Shepherd and picking the right puppy is about finding the one that fits with the lifestyle of the buyer. Every puppy is the “pick of the litter” for the right owner. Th e breeder knows the tem- perament of every puppy best, allow them to direct you to the “One”. Buyers should ask the breeder for a mininum of OFA hip certifications and eye clearances on the parents, before adopting a puppy. See the AKC website for breed listing in Canine Health Information Cen- ter-CHIC. Th ey are moderately long-lived, 12 to 15 yrs. Shedding and grooming is also moderate. Visit for a breeder listing.

intelligence and a willingness to please. He is both a loyal companion and a biddable work- er. Th ey are most content when they have job (or two), whether it be a dog sport, volunteer work, learning tricks or herding. Settling in as adults between 13 and 18 inches tall and weighing roughly 20 to 35 lbs., the Mini has a natural bob or docked tail. Th e coloring o ff ers variety and indi- viduality. With no order of preference, the recognized colors are black, blue merle, red (liver) and red merle. Th e merle will exhib- it in any amount of marbling, flecks or blotches. Each color may also have patches of copper on the legs, face and under the tail area. White may appear on the feet and lower legs, face, chest and around the neck. How were they developed? Th e Minia- ture American Shepherd has been in exis- tence since the 60s. Th ey were formerly known as a Miniature Australian Shep- herds/Mini Aussies and for a short time in the 90’s the North American Shepherd. MASCUSA was loosely formed in 1989 and Incorporated in 1993 as a Parent Club and Registry. In 2010 AKC approved the split of the Australian Shepherd Breed, by Phe- notype. Much like the Norfolk and Nor- wich Terrier were created by a split into two breeds by ear set, the Australian Shepherd breed was split by size. Th e AKC Board of Directors approved MASCUSA as the Par- ent Breed Club for the newly named breed, the Miniature American Shepherd. Th ese little dogs have all the great qualities of the larger counterpart, but in a smaller package. • You want instant, unquestioning obe- dience—this dog will question your judgment, and possibly outsmart you sometimes. • You or your children do not like being herded. Training is sometimes required to curb natural instinct and reserve. • You do not like in your face kisses and hugs or a bundle of fur sitting in your lap or on your chest. • You don’t want a dog that sheds. On the upside, a few times a year you can pick up fuzz balls the size of bunnies, and not have to vacuum. Do I Really Want One? Th is is not the dog for you if: • You live a sedentary lifestyle.

“Whatever activity floats your boat, YOU’LL HAVE YOUR TRUSTY DOG BY YOUR SIDE.”

dock diving and swimming. Th eir keen nos- es allow them to excel in nosework and track- ing which makes them also perfect for search and rescue work as well as cadaver dog work. Whatever activity floats your boat, you’ll have your trusty dog by your side. What Are They Like? Potential owners should realize that this active, intelligent dog will need both exercise and training. Highly recom- mended to outsmart your pooch, or they will train you. If they are given nothing to do, they’ll make stu ff up! While they are not hyper-active, they do require a daily outlet for their energy. Often, this need presents itself as a “case of the zoomies”. Not to worry, two or three times around the house before bed should do it. Or 20 minutes with your Chuckit®! Th is small, athletic, herding breed has moderate bone and slightly rectangular pro- portions. Movement is smooth, easy and bal- anced. Exceptional agility combined with strength and stamina allows for working over a variety of terrain. Th is versatile, energetic dog makes an excellent athlete with superior

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