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BOB SMITH I live in St. Stephens Church, Virginia, which is about 35 miles northeast of Richmond with my wife, Polly. Prior to my retirement in 1996, I ran a small business development agen- cy for the state of Virginia. Polly and I have been in dogs since 1960 breeding and showing American Foxhounds and, later Welsh Terriers. I judged my first show in 1970 and became an all breed judge in 1996. PAT TAYLOR I have been in dogs for 42 years, showing for 40 years. I have been judging the Mini American Shepherd for 26 years, having started with the international shows before AKC rec- ognition of the breed.

I live in Ocala, Florida. I have been in dogs coming up on 41 years and showing for 40 years. I became a judge in 2001. PAT HASTINGS

I live in Aloha, Oregon (outside Portland) and have a very busy life. In addition to judging, I am also the author of 3 books, a very popular DVD, present seminars worldwide and eval- uate enormous numbers of 8-week-old puppies. Whenever I am home, I love gardening and spending time with family and friends. I got my first dog in 1959, which was a Toy Poodle. I started showing in 1960 and started judging in 1991.


I live in Phoenix, Arizona. My favorite pastime outside of dogs and dog shows is vacationing in Hawaii and Palau islands. I’ve been in the dog game for 40 years and have been an AKC-approved judge since the 1980s. I breeder/owner/ handled many to their championships and over the course of 18 years was many times awarded top honors from my breed club.


I live in the desert outside of Tuc- son. I enjoy photography, gardening and built my own house out of straw bales. I have been in dogs since 1963, and started showing seriously in con- formation in 1969. I was licensed by AKC as a handler and showed all breeds, gave handling classes and started judging in 2000.

1. Describe the breed in three words. EDB: Moderate, agile and balance. PH: That’s easy—small Australian Shepherd. GK: Off-square, balanced and moderate.

BS: When I picture a Miniature American Shepherd, I see a small, agile working dog capable of and willing to go

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