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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in Cal- ifornia. I am a retired Director of Software Engineering. I have had Siberian Huskies over 40 years, showing them all that time. I have been judging ten years. I have served the Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc., in

I split my time between a residence in northern New Hampshire and a horse train- ing camp in South Carolina. We own and compete Event horses and I am a profession- al writer. I’m going on my 38th year in dogs, I started showing right away and also racing sled dogs right away. I attained my initial judging approval in 1994. DAWN EISELE

many elected and appointed capacities, including as Presi- dent, Treasurer, Show Chairman, DWAA-winning Newsletter Editor and SHCA’s Delegate to the American Kennel Club. Cur- rently, I am SHCA Judges’ Education Chairman. I am approved by the AKC to judge a number of breeds and has judged and educated fanciers and judges in the US and other countries, including having judged the SHCA National Specialty. SANDY WEAVER CARMAN

I have been in the sport of purebred dogs for 36 years. I have served a variety of capaci- ties within our National Club and local Spe- cialty Clubs. I am an active Steward Club member and currently the President of my local All-Breed Kennel Club. Today I serve

as the Public Education Chair for my national breed club, The Siberian Husky Club of American. I live in East Islip, NY, which is on the south shore of Long Island. We have been in Siberians 36 years. We are also owned by a Schipperke and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. We have been in the sport of showing for 35 years and in addition to conformation have dabbled in obedience and more recently agility. We par- ticipated in mid-distance sledding for over 20 years with our Siberians and thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of our breed. The Siberian is still a natural breed and in terms of history not all that far from their original beginnings. I have been judging the last 4 ½ years. MARIE FALCONER

I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area, a hot- bed of dog sports. This is my 37th year in purebred dogs. I started out with a bad example of my lifelong-favorite breed, a Siberian Husky. After making nearly every mistake in the book with him, I quickly had

a 7-month-old brat on my hands. I asked my veterinarian to put me in touch with people who lived successfully with the breed, because I was failing miserably. She directed me to members of the Greater Washington (DC) Siberian Husky Club and the dog sports bug big, hard! Through the years, I’ve finished Championships, bred Champions, run my dogs in agility, obedience, rally, canine musical freestyle (danc- ing) and now barn hunt. I’ve put working titles on them and several of them have excelled as therapy dogs. I was granted regular status for Siberians in 2013 and will be applying for more Working breeds this year.

I have been breeding and exhibiting Sibe- rians Huskies for 38 years; in which I have handled and finished over 340 dogs. I had the pleasure of owning and showing the Nation’s Top Siberian of all time, BIS BISS Ch Seeonees Point Blank CGC, aka “Rocky”.

Together we have broken many Siberian records—and still holding. I continue to have progeny being shown out of him and his granddaughter was #1 Siberian female in 2014. I enjoy judging and have been to several countries to officiate their

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