Showsight Presents The Komondor

Loose lips and a wet mouth are to be faulted. Although nervous dogs might drool a bit, generally loose sloppy mouths are not typical of a Komondor. Eyes are dark, as are eye rims, lips and nose pigment. “Bite is scissors; a level bit is acceptable. A distinctly undershot or overshot bite is a fault. Any missing teeth is a serious fault. Th ree or more missing teeth is a disqualification.” Scissors bite is preferred. In older dogs it is not uncommon to see dropped lower cen- tral incisors, which can a ff ect the appear- ance of the bite itself. Th is is not an under- shot mouth. If you have any question, please check the tooth alignment along the sides of the mouth. Large teeth are preferred. We have a tooth disqualification which should be considered as important as that in Dobermans and Rottweilers. If you are not comfortable handling the dog’s mouth have the handler do it for you. If the dog is not trained or you feel in danger, excuse the dog for “inability to check the bite”. Please do not pressure a dog who cannot be examined.

Missing premolars are the most common missing teeth in Komondors. Evaluate the front structure by placing your right hand on the withers and using your left hand to find the prosternum, point of shoulder and elbow. In a dog with correct angulation you will find the elbow to be directly under the withers. In a dog with a lot of coat your hands will be easy to see and you will be able to gauge correct shoulder placement. Th is dog’s front is well set under him, which is easier to see without coat. Th is is why you need to use your hand to find the relationship of the shoulder and upper arm. Th e Hungarian standard says the width of the chest is 28% of the height at the withers with the average being 30%, also that depth of chest is 45% of the height at the withers but most often is between 50 to 56%. If we apply these measurements to a 28" tall dog, the width across the front of the dog would be around 8". Th e depth would be between 13" and 15 ½ ".

Drawing by Steven Hubbell.

Drawing by Steven Hubbell.

Eyes are dark, as are eye rims, lips and nose pigment.

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