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Top Photo: Ch. Bahlambs Beachboy was from Veteran class 1983 | Bottom Photo: Ch. Rholenwood’s Taylor Maid 1985

1. Tell us a bit about your background, where you live and your interests/hobbies outside of dogs. For 40 years I lived in a condo on the near northside of Chicago rais- ingmany litter of OES. We moved to Valparaiso, Indiana on five acres and the dogs have a great time. I am still learning about the country (kind of like <the tv show> Green Acres and Eva Gabor!). My interests are with the theatre and dance. As a past dancer and choreog- rapher, I love to attend the theatre,

musicals and dance concerts. I also love all sports. I have a B.S. in Educa- tion where I taught high school and had my own dance studio with over 100 students each year averaging from two-years-old to 80-years-old. 2. Why Old English Sheepdogs? My husband gave me an OES puppy as a surprise Christmas present and that was the beginning of my life in Dogdom. After seven years my pet passed away and I couldn’t live with- out another sheepdog. We were led

to a great breeder, Caj Haakansson who sold me a show dog and that was the beginning of my desire to show and succeed. My life with OES evolved over the 40 years, loving them and their great personalities and temperaments. 3. Few have accomplished what you have in our Sport. Can you express the impor- tance of mentors and your experience as both student and teacher? I learned from the best, Caj Haakans- son, Bahlamb Farms. He moved from


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