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Top Photo: Ch. Lambluv’s Desdemona 2003 | Bottom Photo: Ch. Lambluv’s The Devine Miss M 2004

have numerous markers which helps immensely. If breeders are hon- est with each other, we can lessen the health problems. My line has had a problem here and there but nothing in great numbers. CA was somewhat of an issue but now we have a marker so it should never be produced. Autoimmune issues from allergies to thrombocytope- nia are in some lines. Deafness now has the BAER test which also helps in a breeding program. Breeding is percentages and if you have great

percentages of healthy dogs, you are doing well. We don’t know what recessive genes could pop up but low percentages of any problem is going in the right direction in my eyes. 5. Do all Old English Sheepdogs Pas de deux? Yours are certainly famous for it. I have always danced with my dogs. They are my partners at home and in the ring. The OES thrives on human companionship and love. They are not kennel dogs and I would never

sell one of my puppies to a ken- nel situation. Loving homes are very important. 6. What 3 words best describe the Old English sheepdog? Affectionate, loyal and humorous.

7. What is the biggest mistake new judges make?

I feel the biggest mistake is that judg- es don't use their hands to assess a dog’s conformation, they only look at the grooming of it, or don’t know


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